Having pouchitis for about a year and a half now. Been on Entocort since December of last year. I had 3 REMICADE treatments for my Ankylosing Spondylitis but Dr. Shen halted treatment to start me on MERCAPTOPURINE (6mp). Now AS is slowly halting my life. Now, he and my rhuemy think maybe I should try HUMIRA in place of the 6mp. Anyone else out there taking HUMIRA with my conditions or similar ones?
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I have a friend who has Crohn's Disease and AS and he is taking Humira, primarily for the AS. He reports very good results. He is however an absolute freak about cleanliness and when I go out to eat with him we have to use one serving spoon and no used utensils can touch his plate.

He says he occasionally feels "wiped out" and others who take biologics report the same.

I believe the Humira is administered by injection.
Hi Krazy,

I developed Crohn's (after a UC diagnosis for years) and AS last winter. I started Humira in April and it has been a miracle drug.

I also have chronic pouchitis.

It has helped with all aspects of all of the above.

I have about a day-2 of being very tired after the injection. My diseases were ravaging me and so my treatment is once per week (the injection).

I wish you luck and very much encourage you to try it. Remicade didn't work for me and neither did anything else.

Good luck!
I was on Humira for about 4 years for AS. Worked pretty good, but I had to use it weekly. Plus, I didn't lie the way it would sting like crazy during injection. In the thigh was the worst, and in the abdomen was best in that regard. I've been on Simponi for about a yearand a half now and lime it better. The injections are only once a month, and no sting. Plus, my GI says my pouch never looked better.

Jan Smiler

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