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Hi All! I recently started Humira for reasons too lengthy to get into. I was wondering if anyone who is on this or has taken it experienced leg pain in the back of both legs? My second question is about tingling in the foot and ankle, which I know can happen, but would this likely to be in both feet if it's medication related? Unfortunately I slipped and fell in the street on black ice while walking my dog and rolled a bit down the hill on my left side. Shortly after that the pain on that side along with the tingling began full force which coincidentally is shortly after I started Humira. Therefore it's hard to know if it's related to the medication or not. Thanks in advance for any info and words of wisdom!

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As an update, spoke with my NYC doc today & given what I described in terms of pain, tingling, etc. after my last injection to the point that it stopped me in my tracks it is definitely Humira related and I'm to stop the medication. He believes the neuropathy will resolve in time. I will be giving Entyvio a try.


For about a week after I get migraine, sinus and ear issues as well as dizzyness. It's a love hate relationship.

i had severe bone pain till I was pre treated with solumedrol. I too go to NYC Cornell GI doctor said I'm allergic, great....but im out of options and it's working great. Then I'm fine till the next infusion. In fact 2 weeks after the last I was on a cruise. 

Go on Facebook to the Entyvio Warriors group

Most people don't have any side effects. I'm sure you will do great!


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