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Hello Everyone I hope everyone is doing well.

I had j-pouch surgery 28 years ago and then was diagnosed with Chrons. Anyway I am on Humira now and have been for about 5 years.

I just had a regular appointment with my GI  doctor he said that the Humira will put you at risk of getting Covid but help with how Covid attacks the other organs / lungs etc.

So Humira puts you at a higher risk for getting Covid but will help with the devastating effects it can have on other organs like your lungs.

I would appreciate anyone's thoughts on this. Do I take the Humira and stay in the house, which is impossible with work. Or if I start to feel sick take it then?

Thank You


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Yes continue taking it, see the article Ross G posted about how biologics tamp down cytokine storms.  You may be at risk of getting Covid, but the Humira could prevent you from dying if you do.  That is the simplistic answer you seem to be looking for.

I live in CT and take Remicade and haven't stopped it.  Nor have I observed many people doing so, as I always see many others getting infused when I go. We are just put in different rooms or spaced out in the infusion room.

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So far, all sources recommend continuing your regular IBD treatment. The basic notion is that being in remission is far better for you than risking relapse along with potential COVID-19 infection.


Also, there are studies underway for Humira as an actual treatment for COVID-19 to lessen disease severity.


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