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I'm having my stricture procedure under anasthesia on the 29th (he determined it was too severe to treat in office) and dr said he won't know how he has to treat it until he does it. Either "stretching" or "snipping scar tissue and suturing". These are the terms he used. I know several people on here have had the stretching, but I'm wondering who has had the other and if you had more pain afterward compared to stretching? ThanksSmiler
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I have had both. I don't want to scare you but the stricureplasty I had (cutting/suturing) was some of the worst pain I have ever felt. I had a really hard time recovering from that pain wise. However, my pouch was advanced and is hand sewn so lower down than most. Supposedly that makes it more sensitive.
The manual dilations under anesthesia have been no big deal.
I had a stricture-plasty done several years ago, and I have maintained it well using self-digital dilation. I can actually feel where he clipped it. the recovery for me was not bad. However, I do get sphincter spasms and have fissure issues anyway, and because I suffer some leakage almost daily, I am not sure I want to risk more surgery or even botox to treat it, because of the horror of leaking uncontrollably.
I've had balloon dilation under anesthesia a couple of times, after digital dilation without anesthesia was just too painful.

My doctor said he had never heard of anyone experiencing pain from digital dilation in a regular office visit until me.

In a way, I'm relieved that more people experience it.... at least I'm not alone.

I should direct my dr. here... maybe he might learn something.


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