any advise on how to ride out those ouch gas pains until they subside? i feel that if i can get past them id go alot less often with less anal irritation but they hurt so bad sometimes i have to give in. ive heard holding it can help mature the pouch but they can feel like getting stabbed in the anus. advise thought ideas???

also, anyone notice a gas pain hurts more on your hemmoroid side than the other side? i ask cause i wonder if thats in fact what it is or is there another reason one side hurts so much more and will it fade after healing? i dont feel it during a bm, only from a gas pain and its crippling...
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Hey Tom,

I know how you feel. I'm 3 weeks out from my takedown surgery. Gas is the worst. Feels like my pouch is going to burst. I have found that eating a soft semi liquid diet is the only thing that helps. Ive heard others say that taking an anti gas medication like gas x helps also. I plan on trying that next. I have an appt. With my surgeon tomorrow and plan on asking him the same question. I'll let you know what he says. Hope everything improves. Good luck and God bless.
Gas X does help, also if you can lay on your side and bring your knees up some it helps to get the gas to come out. Gas pains have been an issue for me alot. Sometimes when at work all I can think about is getting home and laying on my side!!! Hope this helps.
Gas pains have been an issue for me alot.

It's always been a major issue here. Gas was never an issue for me, for my entire life, until post J Pouch surgery. There's just no way to defeat the laws of physics. With a lot less space, you're always going to be more sensitive to gas.
I don't think the amount of space has anything to do with it.

Tom - you might try Beano too. A lot of members say that Beano works better than Gas-X for them. Like everything, things work differently for everyone so try both.

kathy Big Grin
Gas is better prevented than treated. Because once it is there, it will distend the gut and cause pain. Stretch receptors are the only source of pain detection in the gut, so that is why gas causes more pain than anything else.

Of course, once gas has formed, the only way to get rid of the pain is to pass the gas. That means that slowing things down actually increases your pain!

So, avoid foods that tend to be gas producing. Most people are surprised at what is on the list. Check out the list here:
Beano can help because it is an enzyme and can help digest those leftover carbs. Gas-X and all the other brands of simethicone only serve to allow you to pass the gas, NONE of them actually make gas disappear.

Swallowed air also contributes, so avoid straws, chewing gum, and eating fast.

Chewing well can reduce gas, because your food digests better and there is less for the bacteria to work on down the line (bacteria acting on undigested food is what creates the gas). On the same line of thinking is the recommendation for frequent small meals, rather than the 3 large meals.

DO NOT SKIP MEALS! While it may seem counter intuitive, skipping meals actually increases gas production and cramps, as the gut just churns and works on your own mucous.

I don't buy the notion that holding it in and suffering in pain is the way to faster maturation of the pouch. I think what they mean is to not run to the toilet at the first inkling of an urge, but to wait for the urge to be rather strong. The intent is not for you to be tortured!

And of course, tincture of time... can't be said enough that time is what will cause the most improvement. I think I can say that pretty much every single one of us has been there.

Jan Smiler
gonna try the beano again. it seemed like before is ended up in my stool n burned more but now things are slower n thicker it could be good. i eat very often not really just meals. always have and i dont stop at dinner. no way am i not gonna eat when im starving. rather be up through the night than starve n get gassy like you said. couls usung beano on a schedule be ok instead of with each snack.
I don't think the amount of space has anything to do with it.

I'm 110% sure it does. The difference has been night and day.
does it have t be with every meal or if you snack often like me can you just take every 6 hours?
as jan suggested, keep an eye out for food culprits causing the gas. you might need to keep a food journal for a bit to find out the problem foods. there are only a couple of foods that bother me, beans, being by far the worst. i always think that maybe it'll get better, but i'm in pain with every bowl of chili or black bean burrito i eat. but i love them so much that i make myself suffer from time to time :-)
Beano is not like a medication that works on your gut function, but actually on the food. So, no you do not want to take it on a schedule, but with food. If you take it when you are not eating, it does not do anything, because it is not in contact with the food. It sort of is like adding extra help to your own digestive enzymes that are released when there is food in your stomach. Mostly, take it with carb meals, which probably is just about every time you eat. I don't think it works on protein or fat.

Same thing with lactase pills you take with dairy.

Jan Smiler
I have a weird thing happen with my gas. It causes urgency but if I clench up for the 2-5 seconds the gas actually feels like it goes back into the small intestine or somewhere else. As time goes by the gas spasms become more frequent until I decide when to go. Has anyone else experienced this?
yes but its very uncomfy. i still cant believe i drove home to ny from fla just 2 weeks out. your description happened the entire time. going to finally try metamucil for this insane butt burn i thought i dodged til this week 7 weeks out. cant firm up no matter what...
I agree Kathy, the amount of space has absolutely nothing to do with the production of gas, so anyone saying they are "110% sure it does" is giving inaccurate information -- again. Mad

I have always used Beano and think it is much better than Gas-x...however, as time goes on and you heal, it's all about diet. Again Tom (and I know hearing this must be getting old), you're new to this. I hope you're keeping a food journal. That really saved me. Also, holding in gas doesn't help to mature the pouch, it will make your sphincter stronger -- holding in feces will help your pouch grow to capacity (and also strengthen your sphincter). However, if you're experiencing pain please don't worry about your pouch maturing right now. Let it out and do what you must to alleviate the sharp pains. Also, are you sure it's gas and not just the nerves in that area? I ask because you say you have more pain on one side than the other. I experienced those stabbing pains for months (perhaps even a year, although it was worse in the beginning) and it was on different sides at different times. It was the nerves healing/adjusting to the new plumbing. Hang in there, bud! Smiler
laurie, i thought animal based foods were causing it but ate cereal for 2 days with no relief. i was fine for 6 weeks then bam, out of nowhere. will this fade soon cause i feel like im going to start limiting foods again? also my surgeon said to increase my imodium to thicken things up but it still feel like hot bubbly liquid...
Also, Tom -- I am 16 years out and I still don't have 'firm' output. Some are a little bit less watery, but never firm. I don't want that to discourage you, because it's no big deal for me -- in fact, I like it because when I empty I feel flushed out!! Wink It's something that I got used to relatively quickly and wanted to mention it to you so that you aren't looking for super firm output. You could be different, but because we no longer have a colon and that is where our waste is solidified, it's probably never going to be that firm. Your butt burn is caused by the acidity of the liquid and amount you're going (now we're talking about the 'laws of physics'Big Grin). Put creams on with analgesics in them (Calmoseptine) right before you go then clean the area well, but gently -- and then apply the cream after in addition to a good barrier cream. Applying more cream right before you go is a really helpful hint that saves me when I have BB. As I have also told you, the skin in that area will toughen up and it does get easier. But, again -- what you're eating is huge (chicken was one of my biggest culprits in the beginning. I thought that would be very safe. I realized it because of the food journal I was keeping).
We posted at the same time. For me -- all types of foods were the culprits at different times. As I said -- boiled chicken turned into an enemy early on. It's your personal chemistry and how your body is digesting certain things. PLEASE tell me you are keeping a journal so I will stop asking. Wink I know it sounds like a huge job, but it really isn't. Simply list the time you are eating and every single thing you put into your mouth.

As I said before, something that isn't working now, can be reintroduced at a later time and you may be fine. I can eat everything now -- there are just certain things now that bother me a bit, but it is nothing I can't handle and certainly nothing compared to what I went through in the beginning stages.

I would love to assure you that this will absolutely get better, because for the vast majority of us it does. However, there are no guarantee's...although, I do know that you will not suffer forever. If this doesn't work -- you will find something that does. There are many people on this site that will guide you in the right direction (even though you are WAY to knew to this to even think about that). Find comfort in knowing you aren't alone in this -- we are all here for you! Smiler
well like yesterday i ate just kix cereal to try n releave the acid i though cheese might be causing but it was actually worse. is it normal to go the first 6 weeks acid free then all of the sudden it starts. the other thing i was wndering is seems like every med even the imodium i have has lactose as a base and im lactose intolerant. doc says its not enough to affect me but i can eat rice cakes and now out of the blue it burns. just hoping it started as a progression of recovery and subsides like most of you say it does...
i truly believe even traces of fiber are my problem right now. gonna cut em out and see what happens. fiber never sat well with me before and during this recovery cant see why that would change. trying the cereals only increases my fiber and in turn increased my acid and bloat. makes me feel hot n bubbly.
If you know a medication contains lactose, why not just take a lactase tablet with it, rather than throwing out the baby with the bath water? Just a thought...

Jan Smiler
That's a good thought, Jan. It's worth a try Tom, right? Also -- you haven't answered me regarding that food journal, bud. I promise there are things you are eating or mixing together at certain times that are bothering you and when you write it all down, you will see a trend. Have you tried soups? I know it sounds ridiculous to make a pot full of vegies and meats of your choice (or no meat) -- but, I lived on soups for a long time. I made them myself and the vegies I would put in them seemed to agree with me cooked -- but, had I eaten them raw in the beginning, would have caused alot of problems. You can use canned (fat free) broth and put things in that you enjoy. Experiment although, always let it simmer and cook for as long as possible. Nothing should be al dante. If you want something a bit more hearty and can handle meats then go for it. If beef is agreeing with you, cut up little chunks or scramble some hamburg and then add whatever you choose. If chicken/pork is your choice, use that. Then chew, chew, chew. Can you tell I want you to eat something a bit more nutritous than Kix cereal? Wink

In answer to your question about being almost normal for 6 weeks and then bang -- it absolutely happens. There are no absolutes in this process.
Soups for sure! We eat soups 4-5 nights a week at my house, not because my pouch demands it, but because it is an easy way to eat a balanced meal that fills us up and avoid too many carbs. And yes, my gut likes it, and so does my husband's UC with a colon. We have it with fresh problems.

I always keep homemade soup in the freezer.

Jan Smiler
just got back from my surgeon. she said the hemorrhoid is thrombosed but very healthy tissue and will subside with warm baths bedrest brat diet konsyl fiber supplement and one gas-x with every small meal and to continue the imodium as long as its needed otherwise shed rather me control it with diet eventually.
Lou, while it is annoying, it's a better alternative for me. Now I don't crap myself when a restroom isn't 20 seconds away.

I have been back to work for 16 days in a row without using sick time, vacation or FMLA. I consider the surgery a success even if I don't feel normal yet.
Oh my gosh! You have no idea how relieved I am to read this line of posts. Gleam and chasingtime, you described my experience with gas exactly. I am 5 mos post takedown. There are days when I have no pain and then days when I feel the sensation of being stabbed in the rear end. And I have also held it and felt the gas shift somewhere? Not sure what happens but it provides relief so I don't care. I just assume those days without pain are what it will eventually be like more often than not. This is certainly better than when UC was active!
I have gas pain also...even after twelve years...I seem to get it the most when sleeping or sitting for a long amount of time...yikes!!!!!
Make sure you're taking acidophilus. It's a must and it REALLY helps w/ gas. I take 1 Phillips Colon Health a day but any brand should do.

I’m 22 years out. I get gas worse when I don’t eat. I’ve learned to stay away from yeast breads. For some reason, I switched to flour tortillas and it helped. I started narrowing it down by keeping a journal of eating, etc. I’ve had pouchitis many times, (feels similar). I’ve had strictures but it’s still the best surgery I’ve ever had. 

2 weeks post take down and gas is the most challenging issue to say the least. I’m going to try your suggestions and I feel comforted I’m not alone. Life would certainly be easier if I could fart.   A bad day with a JPouch and gas is 100% better than A good day with UC!

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