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At home I can lay on my belly and pass gas. That's the only way I can pass it. I tried reaching my feet and sitting on the toilet after and it doesn't work at all. Passing gas on the toilet generally never works. I need to lay down.

How will I handle gas pains during the office hours while I can't lay in my belly? Just don't eat?

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I have similar problems. On the toilet I can pass only part of the gas. When the stool is too liquid gas will escape upward. At home I can lay down and roll on my back feet up, that's the easiest way to pass gas for me.

Simethicone has not been a big help.

When I'm on antibiotics there is hardly any gas and my digestion is pleasently calm.

Moving around is also helpful to reduce gas, but at office that's difficult. And being stressed from office work is also promoting gas in my experience. So I've got no other advice than having  a break regularly for relaxing and getting some motion.

Luckily I'm doing home office.

When there is pressure building up in my bowel, from gas or not going to toilet in time, that's a big driver for inflammation.

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