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6 months ago I went flying and broke both forearms. The x-rays and ER stated only suspicion of fracture but 1 month later they showed bilateral identical spiral  compression fractures below the radial heads.  At 3 moths the right one was starting to heal but the left was now displaced . At 6 months there is no sign of healing .

The new ortho says that we can live without a radial head and that they don't do transplant or wires. (!!!!)...to just live with it. 

What can I do to help healing? I already take bi-monthly vit D and collagen. Any ideas? Are we that deficient that we do not have what it takes to heal? What are we missing ?


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Balanced diet is really the only thing (afaik) you can do to promote the healing, but I guess that is the one thing people with our condition struggle with.  It's the rarer over looked minerals that are required, phosphorus, magnesium, copper etc, and I'm sure you haven't forgot calcium.


The problem with taking supplements is that most are interrelational, so for example calcium requires vitamin d for absorption, but for vitamin d to be absorbed required magnesium.  Taking high dose Vit D without magnesium could deplete magnesium reserves and this (theoretically) deplete calcium absorbtion.


It's a complex chain which is why it's so hard to estimate the recommended daily allowance for anything.. magnesium will have its own co dependancies too.


The bet is a healthy diet full of root vegetables and leafy greens.  You can get broad spectrum vitamins but they are hard to absorb especially for us with shorter digestive tract. 


... A long time on a poor diet could have impacted the bodies ability to absorb and repair.. or it could be hereditary...


Not sure what the answer is, but there's a chance that is the problem

Thanks Bobish,

Not, hereditary as far as my parents are concerned...neither ever broke a bone past the age of 18.

I take oligo-elements (Oligosol) in large doses especially in the winter when diet is poor but mostly I eat an incredible amount of fresh herbs which is where you find most trace elements, have a huge quantity of greens in my diet (artichoke, asparagus, leeks, green leafy salads,) and fresh fruits & berries (dinner last night was 3 artichokes, 2 kiwis and a bowl of berries)...If anything I may be undereating my proteins.

I am wondering if it isn't the EDS (Ehler's Danlos syndrome) that is involved in this too...I had my osteo-densometri done in Feb and I have the skeleton of a 30yr old (the only part of me that is still 30). It is the darned healing process that is being blocked on the left arm. Not sure why...I am right handed which puts pay to the theory that I am overusing it...the right one is healing, slowly but fine.

No magic cures here? Please...I need a bit of magic!



Infection (presumably docs have ruled this out)

Diabetes (I'm guessing no)

Hyperthyroidism (hmm maybe?)

Repeated injury to the site (possible?)

Poor nutrition (doesn't sound like it)

Anemia (you already discounted this)

Phosphorus, copper, calcium, vitamin d, magnesium etc (nope)

Complex break that can't be expected to heal without worryi etc  (docs would have said before)

Medications (some anti inflammatory etc can cause issues)

That's about all I can think off to be honest. So meds or hyperthyroidism are the only 2 we can't really discount at the moment.  The thyroid is a very difficult thing to check though, because levels carry so much from person to person is hard to know what is your correct value.

Meds should be easy to work through...


If you really want some miracle cures to look into (do your own research)

Comfrey (aka knitbone)



 L-Arginine & L-Ornithine


Personally if I could only recommend one supplement it would be oxygen elements or similar product.  Not sure if it would help with bones, but it can help fight off cold s, negate hangovers all together etc.  My mate Hates this sort of stuff, but he had a cold before his stag do.. fixed overnight.. he dam near died of alcohol poisoning one night but woke up fresh as a daisy... This hospital always comments on my high oxygen levels as a good thing..  bones need good circulation to heal, cos circulation improves oxygen levels.. so do these drops..  I don't often recommend stuff like this because people are usually in 2 camps.  Either fierce critic of hopeless optimist, all I will say is that this is the one supplement that has actually impressed me.  Combine with Vicks first defence and you are immune to colds end off... Venturing off topic now


One further idea for you is get yourself on a qxci machine.  I had a couple of good experiences with them too... Might help explain what is going on.  Don't wanna come across as an adult therapy wacko so will stop now.  Well let you do some reading.  


Failing that I'm out of ideas in afraid

Bobish’s comment about oxygen and blood circulation reminded me of when my horse threw me (like Christopher Reeve) and I was strapped to a backboard and taken to the hospital.  I had two spinal fractures, but fortunately no paralysis.  I was in the hospital for a week and instructed to visit my doctor three weeks later.  X-Rays were taken and my doctor said he could find no evidence of the fractures.  I asked if he had MY X-Rays, and he said, “Yes”.  He explained that the Vena Cava vein was next to the fractures and the excellent blood supply made fast healing possible.  Shortly after that exam, I took a Tylenol 3, strapped on my corset and rode my horse!   Perhaps stimulating blood flow around your elbows would help healing.  Just a thought.  Anyway, I hope you can find something that works.


Thanks guys,

Some very good ideas Bobish...no to hyper or hypo thyroidism...also no to diabetes...I check.

I will see if I cannot get onto the Tens machine again, the electro stimulations pads to stimultate blood flow into the zone.

O2? Why not...at this point I am scared that she is going to remove the head and leave me like this.

I am not a 'bandwagon' kind of girl but you have some good suggestions (maybe I should cut down on the sugar too while I am at it).

I did some research and smoking is a killer (I smoke very little, less than a pack/month in winter and double in spring/summer) but have already reduced that now...I was able to find a some good quality sillic while away on vacation at Xmas and took it for 3 months but am out now...time to find more...as for the comfrey, I have never heard of it but will look it up.

The doc told me to keep using the arm, just limit the weight that I carry (the PT told me to start carrying heavy on both sides in Dec...) so I am back to using light weights (1.5kg) for exercise purposes and only carry groceries on the right.

This darned thing is really putting a chink in my life...I do not need it...so off to do more research...and pick up extra supplements.


Sharon, in case you missed it in my last post, QXCI machine (or SCIO or LIFE machine).  Basically bio feedback systems.. some say scam but I had a good experience. Make sure you go with a well regarded practitioner.  

I went because I'm into the holistic stuff and also computers and technology is my hobby.

I gained insight into my life and health that cannot be a fluke.  I'm not a sales kinda guy, but it may be worth a visit, it could tell you if you have an infection, if you deficient in something, if your intolerant to something, it can even treat some conditions.  A first session in UK is usually around £100, takes around an hour. Follow up sessions are optional and cheaper. Bit site about France, USA is much cheaper I believe.


If your desperate, it may shed a new light on your situation, happy to tell you more about my experience but it would be a pm and a very long story that's not particuarly relevent in afraid lol



I have my theory. The doctor says you have skeleton structure of a thirty year old .. which rules out you do fitness? possibly yoga? You eat the right foods that the body needs, (& probably most here take for granted)  So far you seem to be in the right track. So what is? I think maybe what you really need is a retreat for yourself, sounds to me like under a case of stress? look, stress can do a lot of crazy anomalies in the body. You said you were looking for magic? There is no trick into magic, but just common knowledge, makes me think you're looking for something deeper? look, what I'm trying to say is, if you want to cure your broken bones .. maybe you should cure a broken heart perhaps? The only way to set goals in life is to be happy first? 


thanks for reading my rant... lol


be well, Dream safe


Thanks for the insight,

The heart, thanks, is doing fine on the love side, broken, yes, often and frequently but nothing unusual about that...the more that we love, the more that we risk...I wouldn't have it any other way...

A retreat? Just got back from one...all that silence stresses me out! I am not a 'sit still an meditate' kind of girl...I am a 35-80 students in a classroom kind of girl...sort of like trying to corral cats...extremely stressful but ultimately hysterical and satisfying when done.

I know that I am doing what it takes on paper, but in real life I am using the arm maybe too much...no, I am not a construction worker, I no longer do most of my housekeeping (thank you hubby), not even emptying out the dishwasher since the accident. But, I use it. Getting out of the tub can take longer than the whole bath, I cannot put the arm behind me and push...it feels like it is going to snap in half all over again.

Miracle...yes, I need one...in the form of a great idea (thanks Bobish) that I can try...I am not sure if the use of the electro stimulation will help or hurt me...it should increase blood flow and oxygenation to the site but will it cause other problems?

I think that I am missing an essential element in my diet, what I do not know...and that that is the piece of the missing puzzle...

Still looking, hoping to find...where there is hope there is life.

doing scan 3 of the week...Will post results...



Sorry to read about all of this.  My 2 cents is the tens machine, electrical stimulation, probably wouldn't do any harm.  I use one and think it helps.  Of course I don't have any broken bones. 

Please don't decide to do anything drastic and stressful like moving again!

Just a little update... I changed orthopedist and redid all scans...no consolidation 6 months out. The ortho had given me 3 options for 1 yr from now.

1. It heals...no problem.

2. It doesn't heal but there is no pain . No problem.

3. It doesn't heal but there is pain..

Remove the radial heads.

That's it. Take pain meds or Nsaids if and when needed, use the arms unless it hurts and avoid any movement resembling push-ups, pushing or pulling motions. No physio. No immobilization . 

So now I wait.

And have a great excuse not to vacuum, iron or wash floors !



Thanks TE, 

Me too...

I am hooked up to the TENS machine as we speak. She said that it would help (as if anything according to her would help)...I am off of the Nsaids, for now, because apparently they can prevent healing, cut down on the smoking (I only smoke 1-2 cigarettes/day), upped the vit D, cal, mag and praying for healing...

Hot & cold too...heat packs and ice packs...

So unless I am in pain, I sit this dance out for a year.


If you're going to smoke I would try vaping? not nicotine, perhaps CBD? Is that legal In the wine country? If your healing, I would recommend yoga, meditation and trace? I quit my job and starting practicing more of these eastern medicines and for the most part - l like it!  and its totally free

Al, I have cut down on the smoking to about 8 cigarettes/week...so that is good...doing my breathing, Pilates and yoga about 5 days/week and I have gently started walking again (mindful walking... I feel like a 1yr old taking my first tentative steps...slowly and very carefully) this accident has aged me dramatically. I finally admitted to my PT that I am scared to go outside...scared to slip and fall...2 years of hell and 2 accidents have gotten the best of me... I am no longer bulletproof. But I am healing. The PT is working on the Achilles tendon and shoulder from the previous accident so there is reason to be optimistic. Onward and upward...I will persevere. Thanks Sharon

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