Hi there, I wanted to find out how I would see a colorectal surgeon privately. I am London/Surrey does anyone know a good colorectal surgeon?

Many thanks
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I think Minnesota is a loooong way from England. Hopefully some Brits who have used private hire doctors outside of the NHS will have some tips.

Jan Smiler
thanks everyone so much for your replies...

However I think flying to the states would be a bit much LOL!!

I had EUA with my colorectal surgeon pretty pronto in the end, turns out I have deep and severe fissures and lots of ulcerations...apparently I have a very crohns looking bottom. So I'm nervously waiting for my biopsy results to come through hopefully on Wednesday. But I have so many problems I'm going back to the stoma...asap if I get my way. The jpouch things has not worked for me and been a complete nightmare.

Thanks again, I hope your doing good x

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