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@GEB56 posted:

Primarily canoe and kayak racing for the last 13 years.  We train often paddling fast and up to 20 km each time twice a week.  Floor and light weight exercises including crunches. I walk 5 km a day and cycle sometimes.  I am nearly 64.

Anything too extensive can cause bowel problems. I think the crunches are the culprit. A lot of people on here have gotten hernias and blockages from crunches/situps and weightlifting. I would back off on the crunches.

As for duration of exercise: I would do at least 30minutes but no more than 1hr at a time, especially with your age.

Is your stomach poking out around the umbilical area? Belly button turn into a outty??? 

I was 33 and pregnant with my second son in 1994. I thought I had bleeding hemorrhoids. My OB told me “No” and to go see a colon doctor. After my first sigmoidoscopy, I was immediately diagnosed with UC! I was shocked! It was down hill from then. I’ve been sick ever since. Bla, bla, bla. Fast forward to 2011. After my yearly colonoscopy, my doc told me he found pre-cancer cells. Sooo,  September 2011 I had my colon removed. Everything went according to plan.  My take down surgery was January 2012. Three weeks in the hospital! My body wouldn’t cooperate. It was a nightmare! Not a good memory. But, I’m here to talk about it. So that’s good.

@GEB56 posted:

When I canoe and kayak train it is always 2 hour duration.  I think you are right Lauren about blockages/hernias from sit ups, crunches etc.  If I get this resolved with surgery or more time, I QUIT with regards ab exercises.

Yeah 2 hour durations are definitely quite extensive, especially since its similar to weightlifting- as we know already, weightlifting can cause a lot of abdominal problems. I think you definitely need to fall back on that for sure. I would try to keep it between 30-60minutes if you truly cannot go without canoeing/kayaking. 

And yeah definitely, I would definitely recommend not to do those abdominal exercises since you are having problems and considering your age. A lot of gastros/people do not know about abdominal exercises causing all of those problems, I learned about all of that stuff recently from other J-pouchers and on the internet. 

Definitely do less extensive stuff. Also overeating can cause blockages, hernias, and other stuff too. So definitely be careful with not overeating as well. 

@edp posted:

Totally understandable!!! I had to quit college quite a few times because of IBD and even having it in high school was brutal. I wish teachers and everyone in general can understand and be more empathetic towards people. A lot of people do not even try to understand things until they are going through it themselves; that needs to change!

So happy you got through everything! I love hearing how people do not let IBD or other situations beat them!

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