The need varies a lot, depending on temperature, activity level, diet, etc. If your urine gets dark you need more fluid, and you keep needing more fluid until it gets light-colored. It’s harder to notice when you’re not peeing, but that’s much worse than dark urine.

I treat water like medicine that I need to take throughout the day. I don’t wait until I’m thirsty.

I always have water with me wherever I go. I think I'm drinking 65 and up to 85 oz. a day. I'm agree with Scott, it depends on what I'm doing and the color of my urine. Three liters really seems like a lot of water, but good for you if you can get it in.


Thanks, 3 liters does seem like a lot but I do also live in Florida.

2 years ago I had heat stroke, such a scary thing to go through in a NYC subway station.  I am determined now to try to get it all in, although my sleeping has been affected last few days in trying lol


10-12 glasses a day . But that depends on your lifestyle and environment . I just see to it that pee looks light yellow , never dark and doesn't burn in any way when peeing. Those are some signs that your fluid intake may not be sufficient.

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