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Do you mean to thicken a loose output ?

I probably take maybe 4 loperimide/Imodium per day but I tend to forget but if I notice my visits to the toilet begin to increase or there's a shorter period of time between visits, then I'll take two Imodium but otherwise, I don't do anything else.

Suppose as my output is loose, one would normally describe it as diarrhea but it's not; it's just, what I believe, is a anormal output of a J pouch.

Some days, my output is thicker, other days it's more fluid, but there's never any urgency or loss of control.

However, I believe appples or apples sauce will help thicken the output.


Wow, Dave, that sounds like pretty rough nights! I can tell you I often have very liquid output but can hold it. I tend to  have leakage when stool is soft. And I was struggling with fair amount leakage some nights. I do daily take 8 loperamide and 4 lomotil that slows system. Definitely talk to Dr. but I have been experimenting with Metamucil which firms things up but also I feel increases the quantity of output. Also, trying generic pepto Bismal and I think that makes output more solid. Definitely try to avoid eating for hours before bed and look at foods you’re eating. Maybe could tweak your diet a little. I know night can be difficult because when you sleep those muscles relax too. My pelvic floor dr. suggested I buy fleet enemas, empty the contents, and use warm water enemas to empty pouch. It’s made huge difference for me!! Huge! I do use Vaseline to lube it, and am careful to avoid trauma. I typically do this if I’m going out for evening and before bed. Can now sometimes go 5 waking or 7 sleeping hours!  She also suggested a narcotic drug, Amitriptiline (? sp.) it’s an antidepressant but she said it helps some with firming up things. I wish I didn’t have so many meds but feel I need all. Good luck!

Dave, can you clarify what you’e experiencing without using the word “diarrhea?” Everyone has a different idea of what “diarrhea” means to a J-poucher. Are you having urgency? Leakage (daytime/nighttime)? Incontinence (daytime/nighttime)? Liquid stools?

Normal J-pouch output is soft and unformed, but not liquid.

Hi Dave et al,

I have found that cutting off my food of any kind as early as possible before bedtime helps tremendously. I use the toilet before I go to sleep and will typically wake up by 3:30 am to go once more (a little annoying because my alarm goes off at 4:30 am) I take natural Psyllium Husks and Mila (micro sliced Chia seeds) see the photos. 

The only place you can purchase Milled Chia is from this company:

It may also be that you are still in the early stages and becoming familiar with your new J-Pouch. This can take some time, take notes on what you eat and how you feel after each meal, in time you will understand what works and what makes things worse. 


Good luck...!


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  • Psyllium Husks
  • Mila: Micro sliced Chia seeds

AFBUCHER  in  the UK even my local Tesco sells milled chia, so does Holland and Barratt and most health stores.

Linwoods is a big suppliers  Here or there is a choice on Amazon and almost too many sources to list

Sure it's not the exact same brand, but it's all 100% chia.  Some (like the chia seeds company) mix light and dark chia seeds like Mila too, but even if this does give the seeds a different nutritional spec, there's nothing to suggest it affects the pouch any differently anyway, and other brands are probably cheaper, so may be something you want to try.

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