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I have a 2 year old and would like another kid, but currently dealing with some massive anemia  from ulcers/ stricture stuff. they would like to do surgery ( i am on the fence about that), but one of my questions for the doctor was when could I try for a baby after all surgeries were done (he is suggesting 2 surgeries to remove stricter, let heal, then take down ileostomy from first surgery). He said we could try about a month or two after take-down if I had my period back and all was well. (we had to do IVF because of scar tissue problems from several other surgeries, and have 9 frozen emryos, so we would be "trying" by popping some of those in there). 



I realize this post is almost a year old, but for anyone reading it after the fact...

I had a 2 step surgery to j-pouch 3 months apart. 2 weeks after my second surgery I conceived! It wasn't planned and my surgeon told me to wait 6 months. However, the nurses failed to give me my birth control in the hospital and it was a huge (but very welcomed) oops on our part! We now have 3 beautiful girls. Each pregnancy has had its own difficulties, but none of them were related to my jpouch. I think recovery after surgery is key. I heal extremely fast and felt really good 2 weeks post op (as good as you can after jpouch surgeries). 

Make sure your surgeon is aware that you'd like to get pregnant and ask for him/her to be careful with your female organs! 

Not a problem! I’m an open book. Ask whatever you’d like.

I was 30 when I had my surgeries (2013). My babies all came via c-section when I was 30, 32, and 34 respectively. I’m currently dealing with my first miscarriage, though, again, unrelated to my pouch. 

my BIGGEST suggestion is to research your surgeon. Find someone who has done the surgery hundreds of times. That is hard to find. If you have to travel to find him/her then do. We traveled between states for my surgeries. I 100% believe my outcome has been so successful because my surgeon knew my case inside and out and was extremely skilled at jpouch surgery. Your surgeon can be the difference between just anchange of symptoms to an entire change of lifestyle and life. 

Thanks for this! I am currently 7 months from post op of my takedown and conceived at 4 months!!! I 100% agree it was all about my surgeon. I was VERY clear I wanted more kids and he was top rated and I think that added to my success. Man am I grateful <3

I am however very nervous for the c section. My OB has never delivered with someone with a jpouch. I don't want them moving things around their not supposed to as I can imagine it will look very different to them with someone without a colon.  Did you delivery with your 3 c sections in the same hospital as your surgeon? (I have had 1 c section already before surgery). What was your experience with recovery afterwards? Was your Jpouch functioning the same after delivery as before? 

So sorry to hear about your miscarriage.  Stay strong and keep your head held high. Fingers crossed if you plan to conceive again <3 

My Pouch surgeries were in Arizona at the Mayo Clinic. My first baby was an emergency in Colorado (2 days after moving there!). I had never met my MFM. The last two were in Texas by the same doctor. Texas doesn’t allow MFM drs to perform surgery, so I had a regular OB. I don’t think either of these drs had seen a pouch patient prior to me, though they were both familiar with it. 

Your pouch will sit behind your uterus so it shouldn’t be bothered as long as your dr is careful and aware of your internal makeup. My pouch surgeon highly suggested I have a colorectal surgeon present during my deliveries, but for 2 of them that wasn’t an option. 

For me a c section was a breeze compared to the pouch surgeries. You’ll need to take time to recover and have help since there will be a baby this time (yay!), but physical recovery was just fine. Plan on the 6 weeks they tell you it’ll take and you’ll be great. 

pouch function for me was always a little rough during pregnancy. I’ve been on flagyl ever since surgery. But, it stops working during pregnancy. Not sure why. Post c section it returned to normal. 

best wishes and congratulations on baby! Hope all goes well!

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I was cleared to start trying 6 weeks after my take down but I was so under weight my body was not ovulating. It was still not long- maybe 6 months. I had the experience of my pouch being so much better behaved during pregnancy- I could eat dairy without issue which was really hard to give up when I delivered 😂. I did opt for a c-section despite two successful deliveries before my pouch and don’t regret a thing about it.

@SZ I know your question was for someone else but you will find several women on this board who did opt for vaginal delivery both with prior pregnancies before the pouch and those who had a first time pregnancy. From what I have heard, many OBs can be unfamiliar/uncomfortable with the pouch and advice a csection. 

I chose my OB because she had indeed had a jpouch patient before (who was a ftm so she did have a csection) and she really pushed for a vaginal delivery. I was on board until the end when I spoke with my colon surgeon who advised a csection. For me, it came down to the fact that I had been through a lot with my colon surgeon; I knew and trusted him more.

@SZ I agree with @Jpouch2017. There are many who have done both. 

I chose c section because my colorectal surgeon told me to NEVER (in extremely strong language) put undo stress on my rectum or pouch. He felt a vaginal birth was in that category and I ultimately agreed. I wasn’t willing to dismiss my successful jpouch surgery and improved lifestyle in an effort to have a vaginal birth. For me, which isn’t everyone’s choice, it wasn’t a risk I was/am willing to take. 

I delivered a vaginal breech 3 years ago. I really fought for it because i had had so much trouble with scar tissue. I had had my pouch for almost 20 years at that point and a doctor had told me scar tissue was some of the strongest tissue so not to worry about my j pouch. But since then (3 years) I have just had to have a jpouch resection (due to a stricture that I think has been there for many many years but took a LONG time to figure out the problem) , and this surgeon (Dr. Fleshner at Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles, supposedly one of the best for this specific stuff) said he highly recommends c-sections so as not to put pressure on jpouch etc... But he also recommends ALL women have c-sections. When challenged he he said it was because no one talks about how at 70 so many women lose continence because the muscles were "ruined in childbirth". Another OBGYN who specializes in Bowel patients said either was fine. I think there are a lot of different thoughts on all of this! It's hard to chose. If I had another I might do c-section, I just hate all the scar tissue!

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