For those you who temporarily went back to an ileostomy due to pouchitis and successfully had a second takedown...  how long did you have the temp ileo and were you able to get the pouchitis under control?

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Some of us went to an ileostomy and the underlying problem didn't go away.  I know you are asking for those with successful 2nd takedowns and mine wasn't.  Just reading in-between the lines wondering if you are having continued j-pouch problems with your 2nd ileo.  I hope your pouchitis is better.

Is this a thing? I’d be very interested to hear more about this. Pouchitis is increasingly controlling my life and I need a better solution than the antibiotics merry go round. I can’t go back to ileo permanently but if something temporary were possible and replacement effective, I might be willing to go through everything again. 

My son started Entyvio  for pouchitis and is diverted back to the ileostomy while waiting for the entyyto kick in. Hopefully he will be able to reconnect at some point. The biologics can take some time to work. I was wondering if anyone else had similar experience. 

I had to go back to a ostomy for uncontrolled  pouchitis i was told to give it a year and then go from there well immediately after I developed diversion colitis and after a consult with my surgeon a second opinion with another GI and my GI I started on Entyvio Between the second and third loading dose I reversed and have been doing great now over 2 1/2 years later For me Entyvio worked immediately I had my ostomy for 4 months before I started Entyvio and was reversed a month later good luck I almost lost my pouch of 18 years 

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