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I was wondering, when you experience a leak, can you temporarily “patch it up” or do you have to change everything immediately?

I am looking at going to a perm ileo and am really concerned about being able to manage bag maintenence and changes. I have another medical condition that leaves me exhausted, faint, nauseous and unable to concentrate or look down for extended periods. I can also get very irritable. These symptoms are with me most of the day, although they usually resolve somewhat in the evening.

(I’m being treated for this condition, but so far nothing’s working and it’s not looking very hopeful. Unfortunately the symptoms are getting more disruptive as time goes on.)

I am concerned that if my appliance starts leaking at, say, 9am, I’m not going to be able to deal with it properly until I feel better many hours later, like maybe 12 hours later.

I don’t have a partner or family member who could help me. There are home visits from district nurses, but they can only come during certain hours, and probably not on short notice.

I am worried that my skin will be getting sore if I can’t manage things on the spot.

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Sorry you can't change as quickly as you'd want to.

I wear a convetec wafer that has white tape. I notice a leak immediately. It hits the white tape and gives me time to get ready to change. I have waited to see how long it takes to actually hit the edge of the white tape. Doesn't take long. 20+ minutes.

I would hope by now you may have it figured out. The more or longer you have an ileo the quicker you get at changing it.

As said above. Changing more often when you feel you can do it is a good idea.

It's not a good idea to wait too long.  Skin will be affected the longer the leak is on it.

Hope your doing better.


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