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ive had an S Pouch replaced by a J Pouch in May of 2014 and am now healed enough to finally be given the green light to talk to doctors about getting me on a waiting list for reconnection.  I still have "lots of small intestine" says my doctor who did the j pouch surgery.  The time factor for my food to empty into my illeostomy is so rapid that it scares me sometimes......  under an hour at times!   I have to eat very frequently and suffer from many side effects as a result of the quick food exit.  I didn't like taking all the Imodium they had me on and stopped months ago.  What can I do to slow things down so that I have better absorpsion ?   

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Did you have intolerable side effects with the Imodium? If not, it is one of the best slowing agents for the gut, and safe for long term use. It can be a godsend during those early months while the pouch adapts. You can add soluble fiber and adjust your diet to thicken the stool, but none of that actually slows the gut. That takes time and/or bowel slowing drugs.


If Imodium works for you, consider yourself lucky because it does not work for all.



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