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Pammy Sue, I've had my pouch since 2009 and am always looking for things to slow down the output.   I take 1 scoop of Metamucil in about 3 ounces of water before breakfast, then 1 gummy fiber each just before lunch and dinner.   I recently found something else that help get through the night without accidents, of at least far less frequently.  My wife and I have lunch at around noon, then just  a light dinner.    I usually just have a cocktail and a few slices of hard cheese and a few crackers.   And maybe a cookie or two while watching television.   Since doing that my nightly accidents have pretty much stopped.    My wife is very nutritionally conscious and doesn't really approve of that routine but it works for me.   While the cheese slows things down overnight, I have noticed more urgency after my morning coffee.  But I prefer the occasional morning race to the toilet to having accidents while asleep.  My cholesterol stays at around 120 (lucky me) so that isn't a problem.  Calories are an issue but I think my recently found motility solution is a reasonable tradeoff.   

Good luck to you!


I’ve taken psyllium for about 19 years, since my surgeon recommended it at my hospital discharge. I’ve used powder, wafers, and capsules, and both flavored/sweetened powder as well as unflavored. The only form that didn’t do the job for me was the capsules. It doesn’t really slow the output, but it does bulk it up and make it thicker, which can be much easier to hold. To directly slow the bowel I use Lomotil, mainly at bedtime or if I’m going someplace without a reasonable bathroom.

I’ve found psyllium works well for me twice a day, with breakfast and dinner, prepared according to the package directions. For the past few years I’ve mixed sweetened Metamucil 50/50 with unflavored Konsyl, to balance the pros and cons of each.

3x daily for me - I prefer plain husk with no additives vigorously shaken with ice and my favorite beverage, diet cranberry raspberry juice. Capsules don't work for me. It's both slowed my output and greatly changed the consistency from watery/loose to soft & semi-formed (!). It's the single most helpful tip I ever found here and I wish I remembered who I got it from. Lol. Psyllium husk changed my life!

I often drink a large water without eating as well as morning coffee without having the liquid pass right through.  There is usually food still in the intestine (and colon for the those who still have one.  The only time I've had that problem was during hospitalizations with no food - just IVs. I'm amazed at the number of docs (GIs included) who know so little about how the tracts work.  Too much partying in med school?

Hello Pammy Sue,

Here’s my regime:

  • Smooth Metamucil (must be smooth version; coarser powders didn’t work for me)
  • 2 tsp mixed with as little water as possible (just enough to enable you to swallow it comfortably)
  • Mix and gulp down quickly before it solidifies
  • Take right before eating
  • Take before main meals and any snacks with fibre
  • Avoid drinking large amounts of liquid with meals

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