i need info on both these questions for kpouch and BCIR.

How long is the actual hospital stay, and how long before getting back to work if i have a desk job?

BCIR website says hospital stay is 16-24 days. That seems incredibly long...
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Hi Poucho,
As a veteran of the k pouch and 1/2dzn re-dos I can say that the time has significantly shortened from my 1st pouch do....used to be 30 days in hospital and then about 6-8 weeks at home...now it is 7-10days +/- depending on your post-op progress and if you have an ileus or not (those darn guts just don't want to wake up sometimes?!)...then about 1-2months at home, off work with NO EXERCISE other than light walking.
You do not walk the untrained Doberman up the hill or check the brakeline under the car! You channel-surf, read, listen to music, and play on the computer until the doc says otherwise.
Walking around the block is fine, but not pushing the stroller uphill. NO straining. No stretching, lifting, bending, twisting etc. Get shoes with velcro straps too and keep all necessities at counter-level so you don't have to crawl under counter to get stuff.
Other than that you can get back to a semi-normal life within 2 months (that include the hospital stay)...
But like I said...no going dancing or driving long distances.
Good luck with the choice
i cant miss 2 months of work..what am i going to do? I'm a manager at a car dealership in parts dept. only 3 people in my department counting me and they are fairly new. not to mention the short term disability pays nothing and i only have 2 weeks of vacation time available through this year. And how does child support work? they take out of my monthly bonus check but if not working i get no bonus. I am covered 100% though till end of this year so at least the surgery will be free..
Can you do any work remotely? Maybe some work via computer?
You cannot go back sooner and won't want to either...Trust me...6 weeks is about the earliest that you can imagine and even then at part-time only...
ps...rushing it is not a good idea

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