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I’ve had horrible gas pains- horrible- started yesterday. It helps a lot to lay down but I have a 4 year old and my husband had to go to work last night so I had to get her dinner and at least get her into bed. He said he could stay home but I was okay :/

It’s been on and off all week but then it started yesterday morning - I took a gas ex and didn’t take immodium or my colestipol. I had cereal and then some plain pasta for lunch. No dinner. By 5 pm I could barely stand up. It was significantly better laying down and I was fine sleeping. I’m still passing stool, so no obstruction.

Fast forward to today and I wake up fine, no pain. Now it’s 10am and I’m at work and pretty bad pains again. My stomach is so loud  and I can feel it rumbling. So good news is no obstruction right bc it’s so freaking loud! Like I think if I put something on it, it would roll off bc it’s making so many rumbles. But what is going on? Why the pain? It feels like someone is wringing my insides. What do I do? I took Tylenol last night and it didn’t help at all.

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Sounds like a very unhappy pouch.  Do you have an attending gastroenterologist or still working with a surgeon?  So much pain as you describe that persists for so long  - I think you should call the doctor. If inflammation / pouchitis related, a course of antibiotics may be called for.  In the meantime. Adjusting diet by cutting back on unrefined carbs like pasta, white bread, sugar and insoluble fiber that is harder to digest may help.    

My takedown was in 2017, so I’m going on 6 years lost takedown. I think it was a partial obstruction or gas behind an adhesion. I know I have adhesions and my doc noted one in particular when he did a scope that caused almost a 90 degree hook in my small intestine, and it’s caused problems before. i bet that’s it. It was a lot better today, so glad. I was about to take some of my leftover narcotics! Thanks for listening ya’ll!

Bubba, you didn't say exactly where the pain is, but could it be gallbladder? It's usually upper center to right sides of abdomen. Causes gas . Many of the same symptoms we have with everything else. The pain is like someone ctting with a knife. I use a heating pad. It helps but takes a bit of time. I'm just not wanting another surgery, even though that is probably going to happen. Anyway, just a thought. Hope you get some answers.


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