I usually use benifiber with two lommital morning and night , am running out of benifiber so tried psyllium, gave me a blockage 2days and just getting better , any surggestions on what to replace benifiber with. Went to a chemist here in Finland and had no surggestions. Anyone out there with advise.
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Is the Benefiber causing you problems or is it that you can't purchase it where you are? In other words if the benefiber was working I think you should stay on it.

I don't use fiber anymore and use imodium sometimes before bed. It's been 18 months since my take down surgery. I'm back to whole wheat bread and pastas. Still white rice. In other words I'm getting fiber through my diet vs metamucil. Breads, especially bagels, slow things down and bulk them up too.

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Yes the benifiber is what I want, but not able to get it here so far.need to know what to subitute it with, I am also gluten and lactos intolerant. Psyllum gave me a blockage so am at witts end.
Citrucil, not sure of spelling, available there, I don't think it is made with psylum.

Can you go to a pharmacy and ask them if they have either one behind the counter and if not what do they have that is similar?

Also have you tried eating oatmeal? I guess you wouldn't want it at every meal, lol.

Good Luck!
Did you take the psyllium with lots of water? It can cause a blockage if you don't. I usually take a teaspoon in 16 oz of water.

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