Since that last Saturday, fistula is behaving better.

Fingers crossed...
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In the hotel. Pretty sure he's going to put in another seton, like I said. Things haven't been God-awful, just not as great.

Oh well, whatever gets me through the day, anymore. I don't even care.
I know what you mean Rachel. I hope whatever is ahead in your treatment works this time. It would be great if it exceeded your expectations!
He put in the smaller seton. Really don't feel bad at this time.

He said NO inflammation at this time, which is great, though, because he'd see some each time before. He only gently dilated (finger only this time).

This seton is blue. My first was blue (that broke in the office) and I liked it best. He replaced it with yellow (because he didn't have blue; yellow was slightly bigger), and the yellow one wasn't ever as comfortable, so fingers crossed, again, that this one is better.

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