so, sunday morning i woke up with hives all over my arms, legs, some on my midsection, and also on my left eye, and lips......ive gotten them twice in the past, with no solution as to what caused them, but they went away rather rapidly (within the day).......this time most of them went away before the day was over, except the ones on my upper lip....

i hadnt ingested anything since about 11pm saturday night......i woke up with a headache at 8am and took three 200mg ibuprofen. woke up again at 10 with the it logical to say thats what caused it?..i dont know, because ive taken ibuprofen my whole life, and in fact even took it as little as a week ago, with no adverse puzzled.

i did some research adn i know that NSAIDs can do that to people, i jsut thought it was weird because i took it a week ago with no reaction..

another question i had is, does anyone know if that could be indicative of crohns at all? since hives/angioedema is an autoimmune response? i know especially with angioedema that it affects ur GI tract, blah blah etc....

any thoughts?
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ps i know that ibuprofen isnt good when one has UC, and i was told to still take it easy with the ibuprofen even though i dont have a colon anymore...but nonetheless, just curious if anyone with experience or knowledge could deduce thats what caused it even if i didnt have a reaction as little as a week ago......also, the crohns question
That is a tough one, since most allergies present after multiple exposures without a reaction. One way to know for sure is once you are sure the hives are all gone, try taking another dose of ibuprofen. If you don't get hives, you are not allergic.

The problem with hives is that they are really widespread and can be caused by practically anything, including exposure to sunlight, sweating, or even emotional upset. People who have autoimmune disease get them, as do people who don't have it. I doubt there is any indication that this would be a marker for Crohn's. I don't have Crohn's and I get hives for no rhyme or reason. My son gets hives, and does not have UC, but he has fairly severe seasonal allergies.

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agghh!! so i keep hearing hives are yet another wonderful thing that have little to no explanation. lol.

when you get them, do you get them on your face (eyes lips, tongue) at all? and how long does it usually take for them to go away?

i definitely hope i can get enough guts to try ibuprofen again, because thats the only thing that works for me for headaches...hives just freak me out so bad, especially when they are on my face....

also, would it be safe to rule out food or drink i had the night before since i didnt break out until 10am the next day?
I usually get them on my legs and torso, but have had them on my face too. It varies. Funny though, I have not had them much since my colectomy, so perhaps the intestinal inflammation "primed" me for them.

I don't know if you can rule anything out, as there can be slow or delayed reactions. But I guess most causes by foods are usually pretty quick. depending on your sensitivity.

I would even make your headache a suspect, especially if it was a bad one, since pain can stimulate release of various chemicals in the body.

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oh! you have a really good point! i didnt even think of that....

well, im going to be paying more attention nonetheless, as things progress, and see if i can nail it down. might avoid the ibuprofen for a bit though.

thanks a lot for your responses. i really appreciate them.

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