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Has anyone had high hemoglobin or hematocrit? I just had complete blood work following a few tough months with surgery in September to release blockage and adhesions, followed by three months of malnutrition resulting in sudden hair loss.

Since December I have resumed my normal diet of fish, chicken for protein and lots of vegetables. I think I am well hydrated, my pee is a light colour, and I pee a lot!  I used to eat lots of red meat, but have not touched it since September when I had my blockage.

My hemoglobin is 156 g/l.  Normal range for an adult is 110 - 147 g/l

My hematocrit is 0.49.  Normal range for adults is 0.33 - 0.44  l/l

May I have your thoughts if you know what this means, or if you have experienced high blood volume?

Thanks, everyone.

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These numbers are only a bit above the normal range. If you knew how normal ranges were set you’d take (most of) them a bit less seriously. Mine were slightly elevated when I was younger. Certainly dehydration is a common cause of H&H elevation, but probably not yours. You’ve been through a rough time, and I’d expect it to take a while for your numbers to settle down. Is your doctor concerned? You could check it again in a month or two.

Thank you, Scott. My doctor did not seem concerned. In fact, she did not call me to tell me the results of my blood work, which were mostly in range. I asked the secretary to send me the results and that’s when I saw the h and h in the “elevated” column of numbers. You’re right — it is not (outrageously) elevated, so I won’t worry about it. I am diabetic so I am watchful for anything that might put me at higher risk for heart disease, stroke, etc., and the number jumped out at me.

One number that was right off the chart is my B12. I take a B12 tablet every morning and I eat eggs and lots of broccoli. My B12 level is 1137. The sufficient level for B12 is 220!  My doctor thinks I can drop the B12 tablet to twice a week.

To report on another note, in case it can help someone else: The biotin tablets that I’ve been taking since end of December has made a difference on my hair loss. My hair is no longer coming out in clumps in the shower strainer every morning. I see smaller amounts in the strainer, and almost none on my pillow. It will probably take a few more months before my scalp is completely re-covered with hair. My nails are growing thick and fast. I think it’s a combination of the biotin and resuming a normal diet instead of existing on pasta and jello!

In order to interpret a complete blood count for a hematological diagnosis you need many more results than hemoglobin and hematocrit.  Things like MCV etc.  Your body has been through a lot over the past little while and it is going to take some time to settle down.  It sounds like you are doing all the right things and monitoring which is so important.  Keep up the good work.

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