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Kept awake most of last night by a hideous gas attack. I am used to passing a little gas when I lie down, but this went on all night. Ugh. Every time I thought "Oh, that must be it", the pressure built up again and I was still lying there awake for another hour. And it's completely unexplainable – I didn't eat, drink or do anything unusual yesterday, just the same meals/foods I always have. Thank goodness I don't have a partner, between the whinging and the letting off, they surely would have left last night if I did!

On the plus side, I did get to watch a bunch of British comedy (Would I Lie to You?) on youtube :-)

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It may not be that you ate anything different but the combination of the things that you ate? Some foods are fine on their own and when mixed together are dynamite...or maybe something that you drank? 

Could you have caught a bug or virus? 

Just some random thoughts...maybe go light for 24hrs and see if that helps (broth, dairy.)

Hope that it passes soon. 


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