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Do you poop 14x and up per day?

Sometimes.  I stopped counting, but my frequency has decreased since I started eating a teaspoon of organic psyllium powder before each meal (with water).  Also the consistency of the stools is generally less watery and sometimes even slightly formed with that, especially if my meal is oatmeal.  Before I did that, I am certain that I was a 14+/day pooper.  I would just pretty go whenever I went pee.  Now I pee sometimes without pooping, which has been interesting!  If I have a really salty dinner, I'm less likely to wake up during the night for any sort of excreting.

Oh, and if I take anything other than soluble fiber for slowing down the guts, I feel gross and toxic.  All pharmaceuticals that doctors gave me made me feel that way.  And they never told me about psyllium-not even a GI.  I learned that on my own.  I'm really mad at them for their irresponsibility.  I knew about psyllium a long time ago but always thought it was for constipation.  I have had virtually no guidance from the medical community.  This group has been great.  Jini Patel's "Listen to Your Gut" has been a fantastic source of info.   

The docs did mention probiotics at one point.  That was the extent of their helpful guidance.  They also recommended a low-residue diet, which (again) makes me feel gross and toxic. 

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It’s a game changer.  You are right about doctors rarely mentioning psyllium.  I have a post that describes more how I take it.  I take about two tablespoons of KONSYL with one tablespoon of Banatrol Plus in about four ozs of ice water. It’s crucial not to drink anything for about an hour before and an hour after taking it. Otherwise, you defeat the “thickening” of the stools.  I take it once a day.  It’s almost like being normal.  

Sara Marie, for years I only used the original formula KONSYL.  It was great for firming up the stools. I took it in the morning only. I took at least 2-3 Tablespoons in about 4-5 ounces of ice water.  I drank the lumpy mixture  quickly with extra sips of ice water to get it down.  You have to be careful because it can clog your throat.  Again, don’t drink anything for about an hour before, and don’t drink anything for about an hour after.  If you do, it reverses on you and causes more diarrhea, instead of firming up loose stools.  A few months ago, I developed what’s called cuffitis.  I had experienced pouchitis before, but this was different.  The KONSYL was irritating the anal ring area because of the cuffitis. I tried to go without the KONSYL and just get by on white rice until the cuffitis was under control, but it was miserable.  I did some research and came across the Banatrol Plus.  I tried it by itself (doubling and tripling the scoops); it helped, but it wasn’t as good as the KONSYL.  It didn’t burn, sting, or irritate, but it didn’t firm up the stools as well either.   I decided to try mixing the two.  I played around with the doses and came up with the one tablespoon of Banatrol and the two tablespoons of KONSYL mixed together.  For whatever reason, that worked.  I had the benefits of the psyllium back without the irritation.  I included more information than you asked for because it helps to understand the whys behind the reasoning.  I hope this helps.  I definitely took just the KONSYL for years with great results.  

So Banatrol Plus is available OTC, I see. It looks like it's mainly banana flakes and trans galactooligosaccharide, which is also a soluble fiber (highly processed) and what they call a prebiotic and some sugars (lactose, glucose, galactose).  Might be interesting to try out, as they say that the amount of lactose is inconsequential, they say.  Maybe I'll purchase a small amount.  The psyllium doesn't always work as well as I wish, but I haven't had the opportunity to really experiment with when and how to take it to maximize its benefits.  I have been distracted and stressed.  Watching the overt descent of my country into fascism for the last 6 years has taken a toll on my health, which mainly expresses itself in the gut.

@Susan 1000 I have more questions!  Sounds like you still take the 2 medicines in the morning with 1 hour on either side of not drinking anything (apart from the liquid it takes to ingest the powder).  Can you eat within an hour of taking the meds?   Do you do this before or after breakfast?  For taking the meds, why do you specify ice water?  Is that just a preference, or is that something that affects how they are absorbed?   Thanks so much for sharing what has worked for you!  I'm going to try doing something closer to your style when I get back from this family trip I'm taking.

Hi, Sara Marie, I was out of pocket yesterday, but I really wanted to get back with you. I have never had a bowel obstruction because of food.  I did have a long piece of scar tissue that “broke loose “ and wrapped around part of my intestines; it tied my guts up like a ribbon. It was extremely painful,  so I can certainly appreciate folks who have to deal with obstructions.  Thankfully, it was a fairly simple surgery to clip and remove it. That was years ago, within the first year of my surgery back in 1989.
The ice water is very important because it helps to keep the psyllium lumpy and dry, which is what you want.  I stress the Original Formula KONSYL because I have found it works best over other brands.   KONSYL have a “new and improved version” that does not work as well. I’ve tried the other popular brands, and they are too smooth. You want as “dry as an organic sponge” as you can get for the JPouch so that it will absorb the watery stools.  That is also why cooked white rice (not brown rice) works best.  I’ve even chewed up dry Minute Rice (about 3 or 4 tablespoons) to get an organic “sponge” into my JPouch quickly .  I eat breakfast fairly quickly within taking the mixture.  Again, don’t drink much.  If I really need to have a fairly good “bathroom free” day for a few hours, I might eat toasted cheese or white rice with cheese. This would constipate an elephant, but works for my JPOUCH.   Another thing, even though I’ve read that several small meals throughout the day might be best, I have definitely found this not to be true for me.  All that does is keep the JPouch turned on and running all day long ( putting me constantly in the bathroom).  I taught school for years and had to keep myself and JPouch on a doable schedule.  
I do try to hydrate and eat more healthily at night.  I can’t take a lot of supplements without giving my JPouch fits, but I am able to take a Silver Centrum for Adults.  I’ve taken that since my early 30’s.  It seems to have what I need. The women’s version does not help me as much.  For some reason , just the Silver Adults helps me best with fatigue and depression issues.  
I would not be afraid to take more psyllium.  In fact, you might might try doubling it by taking it twice within about 15 minutes.  I guess that could be a problem if bowel obstructions are a problem, but even then, I would think drinking more water would flush out psyllium.
I have  tried taking the psyllium in capsule form since that would enable getting it more directly into the JPouch with  less amount of water.  However, it seems to take about 20 capsules to work, and I still don’t think it’s as good.  
Some good snacks to help with energy are dry bananas chips, almonds, and dark chocolate.  I really can’t eat most  nuts ( just three or four are usually ok)  However, I have found almonds to be alright and can eat more of those.   I can eat almond butter better than peanut butter.
I know this much about my JPouch:  My doctors were not very knowledgeable about the practical ways of dealing with it.  I learned most of these things by trial and error.  What worked for me might not work for you.

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@Susan1000, I really appreciate you sharing!  Whether or not what works for you works exactly the same for me isn't so important, but rather that you found these things that help you, and that I might try them.  We are really the only ones who can help each other. The medical community just doesn't seem to have the experience or training to do that.  Thank you!

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