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Just found out I have a hernia to the side of the stoma area. Was wondering if anyone had a hernia repair and how it went? What is the length of time out of work, etc? He said it would be laproscopic with mesh. But, he told me I could just live with it but most likely it would get bigger. Does anyone have any tips for not having surgery and just living with it?
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I won't tell you to live with it although for some it is possible...I would say that laproscopic surgery is more or less a walk in the park compared to everything else that we have lived through...I had a small per-stomal hernia that grew quickly and caused countless problems...they fixed it traditonnally twice and then had to fix it through laporoscopy...much easier and a much better fix.
With lap surgery you go in in the morning and can be back in your bed that night or the next depening on how causious your surgeon is...the biggest problem is takes about a week for it all to go away but walking helps a lot.

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