Hi all, I've had a Jpouch since 1992 and been carrying a small bulge - hernia? - the size of a dime (see picture below) for at least the last 10 years...It grew just an inch to the right of the stoma (I had an external PO h for 6 months) and seems to only slightly change position from time to time but never grew bigger. Sometimes it feels harder and a bit uncomfortable if not painful - especially if I lose weight - like during my field season... - but pain goes away within a few days each time...

Now, about a week ago, the bulge started acting again - likely after a serious workout moving- lifting tree logs 3 days in a row - and two things I've noticed were the fact that the pain didn't go away for a week now (but did decrease somehow) and secondly, the skin on top of the bulge turned bright red and is really sensitive to the touch. It was really hard last week and now it a bit softer and almost feels like pus trapped inside...like some sort of infection developped where the bulge is located.

Is this a peristomal hernia and should I be worried about it? What - besides a surgery - can possibly be done or should I just continue living with it?


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My friend has a a hernia for 6 years now. He was even asked once by his doctor to get it operated and put a mesh to fix it. He chose not to. We both have been working out in gym together for long now and he's a heavy lifter. He uses all the cautions like workout belts and supporters. He also told me certain yoga poses that help him keep the hernia in check. Also on days he has to lift too heavy, he puts a warm pad on the site for 1hr before going to bed. I think you should atleast see the doctor for the unusual puss you think may be there. If its an infection you need to get it cleared. Hernia can always be cured by surgery so before going down that road you can try these things.

I appreciate your input RAJ.


I just saw a doctor this morning and was diagnosed with an abscess. She lanced and drained it and because it was less then 2 cm, she didn't send me home with any antibiotics...Really painful now that the lidocaine has worn off...Hopefully that's that!?

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