Hi everyone,

I am currently on vacation and think I may be experiencing the onset of hemroids. My rear end is in extreme pain during a bm. Of course I use the restroom quite often and therefore the pain is cranked up quite a bit. I am guilty of straining during a bm, but have never felt this type of pain before. I will call my doctor this morning but as I am on vacation does anyone have any recs for the pain?

I think this is a hemroid but not sure. It feels like a bruise inside my rectum. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Hey Brian,

If I were in your shoes, I would start using Charmin Wet Wipes instead of TP. I assume the hotel TP is not very soft. Also, take hot baths and very gently massage the area that is bothering you, if tolerable. Whenever I have Butt Burn this helps, so hopefully it could help with your hemorrhoids.

Also, I would take a little bit of laxative (milk of magnesia) so things come out liquidy for easier passing. You may also want to go on clear liquids for a day so your bowel movements decrease. But that is NO FUN on vacation! Good luck.

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