does anyone have any info on this stuff? I am hearing that it is 100% legal in every state in the US. Does anyone here use it and does it work? Is it of different quality depending on where you buy it? There is a lot of it for sale online as well as stores like The Vitamin Shoppe. How do you know what stuff is the real deal and which stuff is junk and a waste of money? how do you know your dosage? I am in Ohio and medicinal marijuana just became legal but wont be available for at least another year, so I am looking for this in the meantime. I just have residual pains from multiple surgeries, nothing horrible, but arthritis and joint pains from many years of baseball and injuries, and just getting old lol

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I use the CBD oil called Charlottes Web made by CWHemp. It is indeed legal and I do find it helpful (I use it as a supplement to a medical cannabis prescription - primarily a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio). There are many other brands available out there, but I have no idea about their legitimacy. The CW hemp company is the only one I trust at present. My suspicion is that too many other companies are selling snake oil, but there is little information available or independent analyses about the actual contents of what is being sold. Bottom line is to be careful and do your homework.

Dosage is normally determined by trial and error or so called self titration. I usually take 10-20 mg/ml  per day using a 0.5 ml syringe. 10 mg/ml is  probably a good starting point, but the rule of thumb is low and slow - start with a low dose and gradually increase until you find a dose that works for you. Since Charlotte's Web contains no THC (or at least a negligible amount), there is no risk of getting goofy.

I tried it and didn't notice any help. But I also am taking hydrocodone/Tylenol daily. I took the liquid caps that also have vitamins in it. I took 4 at a time and no help. I think the syringe drops would be better as it is more concentrated. 60 pills cost $75. Snake oil is about the last thing I have not tried. 

Please post if it works for you too Pouchomarx. My state is light years away from legitimizing marijuana.

I think someone on a previous thread mentioned that they only had success when using a tincture. It may be worthwhile to try that route - my primary method of ingestion.

I would also re-state my personal preference among OTC products is the CWHemp company. They are a known entity with a good track record (at least I haven't heard anything bad about them). Other products/companies may be OK, but the market is relatively new and unexamined. I'm not convinced that all of them are in it for the well-being of their fellow human.

A review site of sorts can be found here. I don't know how trustworthy this site is, but at least they seem to be trying to discern products making a good faith effort to sell quality products. It also gives you a sense of the choices out there. Use your judgment.

I selected the company I purchased it from after reviewing different companies as best I could and it isn't easy. I agree with Tincan. So don't take the information I furnished as a recommendation. I did my homework but didn't feel any benefit from the product I purchased. 

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I should add that when using the tincture, the dose should be placed under the tongue for more effective absorption of the CBD.

So why did you start taking Charlotte's Web? How do you feel it has helped you?


Thank you!

I'm looking into it for myself!


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