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I was wondering if anyone has experienced Hemochromatosis. I had my J pouch construction done in 2005. I currently had an MRI of my spine and something showed up on my liver and I have elevated liver enzymes. They suspect hemochromatosis. I’m waiting to see a hematologist. I just didn’t know how serious this was. I had to quit my teaching job because of the chronic fatigue and all the complications from my jpouch. Just looking for any insight. Thank you so much!

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Hey, sorry things aren't great for you at the moment... I don't know anything about hemochromatosis I'm afraid, but have you looked into Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis at all?

It's an auto-immune condition of the liver with strong links to IBD... I get severe fatigue with that too and my liver enzymes are constantly off the charts..

Sorry if that's not helpful at all.. good luck with getting a diagnosis and look after yourself 😊


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