My husband and I have been married for 18 months. He had UC and had to have an emergency surgery 3 years ago. He currently has a JPouch but it has not been an easy road. His bowel movements range from 5-7 a day and usually are towards the end of the day (after 7 pm). Additionally, he is very particular with the food he eats. He doesn't like fish, any vegetables (even if it's cooked) or fruits. The only things he likes are chicken breast, steak, ground beef, white rice, bread and chocolate. He is always complaining that he is tired. He is taking meds to manage it but it's not helping and he's in a clinical trial program. I don't know how to support him anymore, we have a 5 month old who has drained his energy because he wakes up in the middle of the night and it make its harder for him to get continuos sleep. It has affected him not only physically but mentally and emotionally.

How can I support him? what can I cook for him?
Will it ever get better?

Thank you!
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Hello i feel for you.I can totaly relate to your problem i have had the same thing happen to me in 2004 and my wife made all the meels back then But not anymore i too eat chicken beef very little veggies and fruit it make bad gas and more trips to the lu. My day now NO Coffee and meat first thing like Beef stew or chicken leg gravy and white rice or potatos. He will be good for hrs. sec meal A good sandwich no wheat low fiber i us white bread beef or chicken cheese all the fixings. and that will get him into a late dinner time 6 to 7 and a small dinner because by 9 ish he will be bizzy till 3am back and forth that the way it works for me.
Hi City Girl,
So sorry that he is going through all of this. It is very hard on the other partner to deal with this especially when it is a miserable intestinal problem that no one around you talks about. Everyone has an opinion on heart, diabetes or one talks about colons, pouches and you feel left out in the cold.
Your hubby may be suffering from fear due to his pouch functions(soilling himself, frequent bathroom calls), PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder, a form of depression) and an inablility to control his pouch.
It all takes its toll on him, and you.
You need to be able to slowly introduce foods that won't irritate his pouch, cause him to run to the bathroom constantly or give him gas.
Oatmeal is a thickener, and it really 'sticks to the ribs' and prevents hunger pains, works great on pouches (try it with bananas or raisins). You can try juicing veggies for him to get the 'goodness' without the fiber nor runs. Stews work very well, slow cooked meats or chicken with sweet potatoes, potatoes, or other thickening veggies. (root veggies work very well or squash, pumpkin...)
I did a 'fit for life' kind of diet for over 20yrs and it worked very well..separating my food groups and not mixing protiens with carbs and eating fruits alone. Very little gas, few pouch problems and I stayed thin. Since I fell off of it I have been suffering from various pouch problems, more joint pain etc...So at least for me, it worked well.
Chinese-style stir-fry with meat or chicken with 1 veggie over rice is always good and the soya sauce supplies a lot of sodium to keep him from dehyddrating.
By the way, is he drinking enough? Dehydration can cause exhaustion, depression and cramping.
Make sure that he drinks enough.
That is all that I have got...
Hope that it helps a bit...

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