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Fist sign of something wrong late June 2012. diagnosed with UC July 5th intestinal rupture July 31, 2012. Total colectomy August 1, 2012, final surgery for J Pouch December 28, 2012. 

I went almost 10 years with no real problems.

Pouchitis and mostly external hemorrhoid February 2022.

Pouchitis is getting under control with probiotics

Hemorrhoid giving me lots of problems.  Cant work on nothing for pain and discomfort.  I do the baths each evening after sitting in 8 hours at office job and then working on building a house.  I have tried most all of Preparation H products plus, witch hazel, some the GI has prescribed. 

I need some relief  !!!!!!!!

I need this healed.  I have to finish house before winter.

Thanks for any help!


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Sitting on a "donut" cushion for those 8 hours at work might take some of the pressure off the hemorrhoids and give you some relief...or at least not aggravate them.

Also, if you haven't tried a bidet at home (even a cheap non-electric one) to avoid the scrapping of paper when you clean might also help you heal.

Just a few thoughts...hope you can get it resolved. It sounds like a miserable situation.

Fresh aloe can also help speed healing.  You can drink aloe juice, which is also a bit of a laxative.  If you're putting it directly on your bum, I'd recommend getting a plant and splitting and applying the fresh aloe (no preservatives, no lemon, etc), though I have used Badger after-sun aloe in a pinch.  I have seen fresh aloe leaves at the grocery store if you have no plant.  I have also found zinc to be helpful in protecting and healing that tissue.  Different things work at different times for different people.  Wish there was a straight up cure!!

PS: Those prep-H products make mine worse.

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