Does anyone have any resources or recommendations for dietitians specializing in IBD and post surgical care? I'm really struggling trying to figure all this out on my own (with a history of an eating disorder as well) and haven't had any success locally.

Any advice?

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I called my surgeon’s office for a referral- they couldn’t specifically recommend someone familiar with the j-pouch but did refer me to a nutrition/dietitian who they heard from other patients in the practice who were pleased with them.  My problem is not being able to gain weight along with a new possible pre-diabetic diagnosis.  My A1C was slightly elevated in the lower end of pre-diabetic.  Good luck in your search.


Thank you both.

CTB23 - you sound like you're having similar problems to me, actually. Despite being overly conscious about my weight for most of my life, I find now that I'm *trying* to gain it, it's incredibly difficult. It's like the more food my body has to process, the worse it feels.

CTBarrister - I've looked into this before, and maybe I should give it a try? My main problem with dietary guidelines is adherence. And with so many opinions floating around, I always end up doing 'parts' of several different diets instead of sticking to a single one long enough to see if it makes a difference. I suppose a dietitian would help with accountability in this respect.

I have J-pouch since 2015, diet and input is key.  I said before that the FODMAP diet really works.  There is no one diet and it is a mix of a few.  Whatever works for you.  Keeping track each day of what u eat and how much and what gives u pain, burning, gas, heartburn, etc.  Then again in another week it could change.  It is very complex.  You will figure out soon enough what works for you.  The dr's plainly tell that from the beginning.  Eat what u can and doesn't bother u.  Many suggestions out there and good ones.   I went gluten free, non GMO, lactose free, eat red meat rarely and I still have problems.  I have SIOB, gluten sensitive and lactose intolerant.  All proven by tests results in the past years and due to my J Pouch caused by UC.   But that's me and my system.  Best of Luck.   

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