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I have had a JPouch since 2010. I have been on antibiotics for chronic pouchitis for a long time. My GI doctor ( @ stanford) think that I should get rid of Pouch and have a permanent ileostomy since i have a crohns of the pouch. I consulted with dr. Bo shen at clevenland clinic. he thinks the issue is just mechanical and i most probably do not have crohns. We just had a brand new baby have another 4 year old at home. i want to feel better so that i can help my wife.

can anyone plese recommend me a GI or a surgeon for me to consult for a second opinion? I am in the san francisco bay area. I have already tried Dr. Terdiman and Dr. Verma at UCSF
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The only doctor I can think of in California is Dr. Robert Beart in Los Angeles. He did my original J pouch at Mayo Clinic in 1983 and is very highly respected (but might be retired by now). If I were in your position, I would do everything possible to save your J pouch (even if it means traveling to the Cleveland Clinic), because once your @@@ is gone, it’s gone. If your J pouch cannot be saved, you may want to consider a continent ileostomy (K pouch or BCIR) as an alternative to an end ileostomy. Best of luck to you.

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