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ive been bleeding mostly every day, is this because i was not diverted but had the mucosectomy and am using the pouch since it was revised, cuff removed (Long, 5cm rectal cuff) pouch oved.lowered, mucosal flap done to anus/down to dentate line, etc

is this normal 2.5 monts out from musosectomy? am i straining/pushing too hard when lettig out stool when its time to "go" to the toilet w/o realizing so thats why im bleeding? post mucosectomy w.o  acuff is it easier to be irriated down there/experience horrendous butt burn and some rectal /bleeding because things are more exposed within the anal canal/delicate?

im concerned the polyps came back but then im probably obsessing. i have familial polyposis, the polyps that were removed with bthe rectal cuff were a big threat/but no high grade dysplasia in there just what my gi sampled back in feb of 24 a polyp or two came back high grade dysplastic at tip but on the PATH report there was no high grade dysplasia. the cuff polyps were all tubular villous adenomatous in histology/nature

what do i do? im requiring iron after 2.5 months, i receive iron periodically infusion wise form hematoliogist, but my surgeon gave me iron in april during 3 week hospital stay post operatively for ileus/leaukocytis and/abcesss.. why did i loose so much iron.ferritin, my iron saturation was in the 20's and now im at 15 my ferritin is 23 and was in the 50's about a month ago

anyone with amucosectomy bleed while walking fast/ not defacating  only but on their pad when not in bathroom. is this an emergency? my oerirectal abcess is sealed and healing as per my latest 6/14/24 ct scan so its not the contained perforation thats bleeding,,

anyone, anyone? know anything? im scared i going to lose my pouch and total gastrectomy is august 21 for this crazy disease of mine. my stomach contains areas of carpeted polyps through out/clustered and have both high and low grade dysplasia. my surgeon said i wont have a jujenostomy feeding tibe placed but will have tpn again as i had it for my tamis/mucosectomy surgery on 4.17.24

please chime in if you have had a mucosectomy especially. i want to know is bleeding on a pad still normal not just poop residue on it 2.5 months out.

the butt burn is much worse than what i had early post op post colectomy 22 yearas ago at 23 years old post mucosectomy.  i have pretty good control no accidents but i continue to stain a pad then the blood on pad in briefs turns brown. its causing me lots of uti issues.

its hard to keep clean in the frontal oriface when you are seeping blood and poopy residue.diarrhea.

please dont nobody suggest i go to an ostomy. im lookig for feedback on if this is normal 2.5 moths out and i will heal. the abcess, perirectal is a sealed perforation. doe sthat cause me the rectal bleeding?

sorry for a very lengthy post but just being thorough and if you got down this far and responded, thank you!


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