I'm about one month out of my take down surgery. I am having a lot of issues at night. I am up about every 2 hours to go to the bathroom and sometimes having leakage. It seems a lot worse at night than during the day. I've been taking a heavy dose of pro-biotics, loperdamine, and metamucil. Is it normal to have so much trouble after a month. Any advice would be very helpful because I'm getting very little sleep at this point.

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I'm about seven weeks post takedown (15 Oct 14). Your night time awakenings sound great to me. The longest I've slept in a single go is about 90 minutes. Sometimes it's as little as less than 30 minutes. I am up at least four times a night usually more. I usually wake as leakage is about to start (and have been through several pairs of boxer shorts overnight at times). The problem is that in a 'normal' person the anal sphincter is the last line of defence, with us it's the only line of defence.

Again, from my perspective, your 'night time issues' are a none event. I'd happily be in your situation.

I am told it will get better over the next 6-12 months.
My friend, it is very normal. It took me about 6 months to see major results. Hang in there my friend. It's a long journey, but for me it's bit'sso worth it for me. My surgery was in 1996, and I got up 3 times last night. It's not always like that, but sometimes it is. I Thank God for my surgery as I've gotten my life back with some ongoing issues. Way better than the daily pain I lived with for years.

Praying for you.
Sounds normal to me! Your pouch will take at least 6 months to mostly adapt, and then a full 2 years to get as good as it gets...from my experience and what the doctor told me. Metamucil WAFERS are very helpful...but, it has to be the wafers. Keep in mind that all people normally pass gas while they are sleeping, so it may be that a little leakage at night is a reasonable event. At best, I can go 4 hours while I sleep. I leak at night mostly when I have pouchitis (which has been pretty chronic) When my pouch is functioning at it's best, I get up once in the middle of an 8 hour night. Hope that helps. Sounds like you are doing great...Hang in there!

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