Has anyone on here ever had uncontrollable internal abdomen itching, OMGosh, I can't stand it! I rub the outside with NO HELP!!! I'm so miserable right now, crying, never had this before, I just want to cut my abdomen open and scratch!! Please help, any ideas would be appreciated...
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I drink frozen drinks constantly for all sorts of internal pains, burning and or other sorts of discomfort, cramps etc....
Try cold inside and out...ice packs or holding the mug of iced drinks on your abs where it itches.
Hope that this helps
Did you have any sort of hernia repair with mesh?
If so, then that could be the cause of it...a form of rejection of the mesh...the other thought although it is very, very rare is necrosis between the pouch and the abdominal wall...it could cause all sorts of symptoms.
So I found out the reason for my internal abdominal itching, I feel really silly about telling you guys this, it might help someone else out, here goes! Well, I take a few prescribed medications, one being Gabapentin, well I started getting real nauseated on Wednesday afternoon so I didn't take any of my meds, by evening I was so sick, throwing up, head pounding, bad back pain, tired and fever! All day Thursday & night, then Friday morning I started having bladder spasms, by noon I knew I was trying to pass a kidney stone, I knew because this would make #12, so I was very familiar with the pain, so I had my wonderful husband take me to the ER, they did a CT scan and yes both kidneys have several and passing one! Got the pain under control and was sent home to deliver the precious pain in the ***, which I did late that night! Later on I started having some itching on the inside of my abdomen which as time went on got worse & worse, I kept rubbing a washcloth on my belly trying to get to the itch, digging and eventually causing parts of my belly to bleed in parts, I just wanted to take a knife and cut my belly open to get to the itch. Finally, my husband after witnessing all my pain, itching, crying and a few cuss words he said I'm taking you back to the hospital! Well, I thought before we do that I'll call my daughter(who is a nurse, I know, why didn't i do this sooner, ?????) So I called her told her the story, crying on the phone, couldn't stand it anymore, she says it sounds like a reaction, she ask what they gave me, she said that shouldn't have done it, she said what about my other prescribed meds, I said I hadn't taken them since Wednesday morning because I have been so sick, she's like mom, oh my I'm almost 100% positive that you are having withdraw systoms from your Gabapentin, you need to start back with a dose an hour later take another dose then before you go to bed another! So I did and by the time I went to bed the itching felt as though it was lighting up alittle, but I needed some sleep so bad that I took a Ambien, knocked me out, when I woke up NO more itching but my belly was all scratched up and my belly muscles were sore but no more itch, so take my lesson and put that in your memory banks, Gabapentin withdraw, I hope this helps someone else out there who might have the same systom! I want to thank the ones who replied back with suggestions, God Bless you!

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