I have been using VSL#3 with good results for 10 years now. Whilst it has not totally stopped symptoms, it has allowed me with careful management to extend periods between antibiotics to more than 1 year.

However as of 1st Jan the NHS in the UK has now decided there is not enough proof it works and dropped it and Vivomixx (a.k.a visbiome) from being funded. As such my only option is to purchase myself, which would be £180 per month that I simply cannot afford.

As such I am looking for lower cost alternative options that could enable me to stay off antibiotics as I do not like the side affects of taking them (nose bleeds, skin rashes etc).

Please let me know of:

- alternative lower cost probiotics that people find work?

- diets that work?

- anything!!!

Thanks, Russell

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Some people get good results from very low carbohydrate diets. It didn’t seem to do much for me, though, and I hated it. I’m sorry about the short-sighted NHS decision, since it will probably lead to more biologics being used, and they cost a fortune.

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