Hello all, i am new to the group but had my last of 3 surgeries back in 2012. i have had pretty bad heartburn or acid reflux off and on the last few years and it has gotten to a point where it is pretty much there 24 hours a day and it is driving me nuts, and the meds the doctors have given me dont seem to be helping. I never really thought about it till recently, but i realized that the heartburn probably started after my final surgery. Just curious if anyone else had had this problem after their j pouch, and if so, do you have any suggestions on how to make it go away?



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Hi DToews (any relation to Jonathan?)

I have suffered from heartburn and acid reflux for years after my jpouch & kpouch surgeries. I used Nexium for several years but it started to become ineffective and not much was helping with pain & burn, no matter what I ate. My PCP suggested Dexilant and that has helped tremendously. Your GI or PCP can talk more with you about it but Dexilant has helped.  It is a bit expensive ( I believe it will become generic in 2019) but you can find a price reduction card online if your doctor prescribes it to you. 

Hope this can help you! Kara

Lol, no relation to Jonathan unfortunatley. But at least a few more people can pronounce my name now. I was told to try Nexium next, so thats what im going to ask for next time i see my dr. If that doesnt work i will inquire about dexilant. Thanks for the suggestion

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