I was doing my last day of shopping in a local U.S mall and had to run to take care of my pouch in a local restroom...while balancing tube, lube, syringe and stress to empty out my k pouch and trying to avoid moving around on the seat which automatically set off the "lift off" toilet flush ( think: space shuttle)...a mommy and her little daughter (I could only see the feet and hear the voice so I think she was around 2-3yrs old...)entered the stall next door... So the little girl takes her seat ( after mommy cleaned and papered it first) and does her business and then ....Whoosh...the toilet flushes...and she yells out, "Wow mommy, that was fun, Can we go again?"
I nearly fell off of my seat laughing....
When was the last time you said that while sitting on the throne?
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Please don't! We need people like you out in this world!
Yes, technology seems to be conspiring against us...those stupid automatic sinks, toilets, doors...what the heck was wrong with handles? I spend 5mins trying to get the sinks to turn on and then walk away discusted only to have the stream rush out and splash me all over...darn, where are the engineers in all of this???
My favorite was a fancy café in Paris on the Champs Elysée...went down to use the washroom and they had installed a newfangled toilet seat.
It had a little box at the back of the seat between the seat and the lid...about the size of 2 boxes of cigarettes...didn't know what it was for...but when I leaned forward to pull stuff out of my purse, it shot forward, kicked me in the butt and the toilet seat started to rotate, effectively ejecting me from the seat and sending me flying into the stall door.
It was supposed to be a 'hygenic, sanitary arm' that held bacteriacide...it would grab the seat and rotate it to disinfect it...instead it nearly killed me.
I went upstairs, wet, bruised and laughing my head off...made my girlfriend go downstairs to pee...(she is a very uptight, hoity-toity Frenchwoman...she came back just screaming in laughter too...we now send our best friendemies to lunch there!)

Thanks Shylock.  Good to hear I'm not alone.  I really just avoid public restrooms of any kind now.  I just couldn't take it anymore.  I stay home a lot and for me, this is the right decision.  Of course I go out and do things, but not for more than a few hours max.  My husband and I have separate bathrooms at home and I really like this.  I guess to me, my privacy is just really important.  I appreciate your comment - many will say, "just get over it" - well, no, I can't get over it.  I got over it for years and years and then said, "no more of this."  At home - I still hate going all the time, but I am beyond thankful for my privacy.  It's becoming really important to me as I age.  Thanks for the supportive comment!!

Goodness Ladies and Gents...Staying home?

After all that we have suffered, after all of the surgeries to save our lives...after everything that we have gone through...we are now becoming shut-ins because we make noise in toilets? Goodness NO!

Get out there and fart for the cause! Toot-y-toot-toot to your hearts content...make a ruckus...stink up the place and then do it some more...free your inner gas!

Do not let what others may possibly, eventually, if they ever meet you again in a world far far away...think of your bowels stop you from going out and living!!!

With all of the crap out there in this world and the uncertainty that surrounds us why waste your life worrying about that?

I just got back from traveling to the Middle East to visit the new Grand baby and her 3yr old brother...had the time of my life and I pottied with the Kangaroos in an Austrailian zoo, emptied my pouch among the monkeys in yet another zoo and litterally pooped while being spied on by a very strange looking  blue-headed bird the size of my husband...(not the same colour of feathers as him!)...and all while laughing my head off with a 3yr old next to me!

I am too old to care what the world thinks...I am too busy making my grandkids laugh!

Time to make a new resolution to enjoy life!


thanks for the laugh sharon.  great attitude.

as i'm not yet four weeks out from using the catheter for my k pouch there are still challenges in getting it right, and i've got a shorter leash on me as to my ranging hours (four max) away from home toilet. it's a steep learning curve.  i've managed two public rest rooms and several  people's homes so far and all has gone ok, with room for improvement.  i won't stay home and hope that in a month or so i won't think of planning my day around the toilet.  janet

Great attitude Sharon!  No, I am not a shut in.  Just going through a rough patch right now  I like my home and we are financially unable to travel a lot right now - but we did travel a lot in the past and God willing, we will again!  Glad you had a wonderful time with your family!

Janet, that too will come with time...it is a learning curve...but modern life and technology will help you a lot...my favorite 'new thing' for intubation in public is those little baby water bottles..Fill them before going into stalls, use the squirt tip to rince out your tube after intubation or squirt directly into the tube to irrigate your pouch (if you find the right size sippy tip)...saves tons of time and juggling in the stalls!

Buy yourself a package of those toilet seat protectors that they use on airplanes and carry them around with you for public toilet use...

I have found a spray bottle of carrot oil (olive is good too) that I use to lubricate my tube one handed (ignore the lid at home)...

Just go out for a walk, a visit, a stroll, shopping...just go out!

Huge hugs


The bottom line is still the same...not feeling uptight or shy or nervous about using public facilities or the potty at our mother-in-law's house! 

Whether we toot or hoot or splash or splatter...doesn't matter...just get out there and live!


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