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Wondering if anyone else has experienced what my husband is going through.  First to bring those not familiar up to speed...….My husband suffered from UC for 9 years and due to high dysplasia had his colon and rectum removed.  The first of two surgeries was done on January 30, 2018.  Take down was supposed to happen 6-8 weeks later.  He is "tentatively" scheduled for his takedown on June 26th.  I say tentatively because he has issues with not healing in a very small area between the J-Pouch and anal canal.  He underwent a debridement procedure (April 26th) to help in the healing process and as of today is about 90% healed.  The surgeon wants him healed 100% before he'll do his takedown.

He is being monitored weekly and as we get closer to the 26th if he's not 100% healed takedown will be postponed for as long as it takes for him to heal.  But if it appears that the healing has stalled, the surgery may have to be redone to remove the area that is not healing, pull down some small intestines and hope and wait for it to heal.  Once healed he can have his takedown surgery.  

I'm curious if anyone else has experienced anything similar?  Where and how are you today?

Thanks in advance for the replies.

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Hi, my takedown surgery was done on May 15th. It was originally supposed to have been done Nov. of 2017. I had a fistula. After waiting and hoping it would heal itself, it didnt. My surgeon put a stitch in the fistula and after more time to heal, it finally did. I'm sorry you are both getting tired of the wait. I empathize, but it's really best for him to be as healthy and healed as possible because the early weeks of having the j pouch can be trying at times. I'm saying weeks because that's all I know first hand so far. A nurse at my surgeons office always said to me that I should keep my eye on the price! Yeah I know, it really doesn't make the wait easier. lol  Just passing it along. Tell him to eat plenty of protein, and walk, walk, walk. Good luck, the time will get here before you know it.

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