This article is an interesting review of colorectal surgeons concerns:
Many of you had surgery by Dr Shen of the Cleveland Clinic. Here is his article on the same topics: [URL=]
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I wish... Dr. Bo Shen's article had an interesting correlation about the statistically high connection between j-pouch complications after take-down and patients with anxiety and/or depression. Apparently, there are significantly more cases of pouchitis and cuffitus among people being treated for anxiety and depression. His comment emphasized the connection between psychology and the immune system.
Another bit of interesting info. from the articles. The Mayo Clinic does almost as many j-pouches as the Cleveland Clinic, about 1000 a year vs 1500.
The study was based on people being treated for anxiety and/or depression before surgery but I still think your point is valid. Fighting pain tires the immune system and opens us up to more problems. Had a bizarre blockage on Monday and I had not even had anything to eat. Blockage has passed but the pain is still there. I am trying not to be down but it is hard.

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