Not sure what to do??  I had my surgery over 3 years ago and continue to have cramping and strong urge to go. I have been on a antibiotic for over 2 years now. just started a probiotic.


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Did your current antibiotic ever make you feel better than this? What is your current antibiotic? Have you tried any other antibiotics?

currently on  500mg of Xifaxan ..  been on it for 2years.  started on Flagle 500mg.  really no change under either antibiotic


Neither of those drugs alone did anything for me. Cipro, on the other hand, was a nearly immediate miracle. When an antibiotic isn't helping with pouchitis after a few weeks something needs to be changed - either the dose or the medication. Multiple years of an antibiotic that isn't helping is just wildly inappropriate.

Another thing that sometimes helps in chronic pouchitis is significant doses of a good probiotic. I have had good results with VSL #3 DS (I'm at 4 packets/day).

What are you eating as a regular diet?  And how much water are you having daily?  What is your stress levels at?  Do you have any sort of meditation practice? 

Alcohol?  Any recreational drugs? (Not pot) 

Have you tried Xanax (Alprazolam)?

I have had the same issues with cramping and urge to go and I get to the bathroom and very little comes out.  I had my final surgery 2.5 years ago.  I have had luck with Cipro but I hate the thought of having to take something for the rest of my life.  I never had as many issues when I had colitis. 

Terradon is right, stress brings it on big time.

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