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For the 3rd time in recent months I have been patted down by an agent because something shows up on the scanner (the scanner where you stand and hold your hands up--I have tsa pre check) When I come out of the scanner and look at the picture of the scan there is a HUGE yellow area showing up where my k-pouch is located (completely across my abdomen). I do not wear a patch, instead I fold a thin washcloth along the stoma. When they start asking if I have anything in my pockets, I just usually say I have an ostomy bag. At some airports that is enough. Yesterday in Denver they said something showed up on my hands and shoes! (when they swiped with small paper--which is what they do when the yellow area shows up on their scanner). Then I had to go to a private room and be patted down again! I'm not sure if the hand and shoe issue had anything to do with the k-pouch. But they would not have done the hand and shoe swipe if their scan did not show the pouch area. (this took an extra 20 minutes because they had to find a supervisor!) I wanted to ask questions--but was afraid to say anything!

I hope you understand how i explained the situation. I just wonder if anyone else has been stopped by their pouch. I might just start wearing a patch next time I go through an airport.

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I have been thru TSA screening three times since getting my BCIR and have never been frisked or asked anything after going through the scanner.  There is no logical reason a K pouch or BCIR should raise any concern since it is made entirely of small intestine and has no metal components.  If this happens again to you, I would ask the agent to give you an explanation and then post it on this forum.  By the way, I was frisked several times by TSA before I got my BCIR.

I travel a lot, have been frisked often but I don't think that it has anything to do with the pouch...just random and the fact that I have bracelets that ring bells but that I never take off.

Ps. Bras can make the bells ring too and cause an uproar...especially if they have underwire, I've had more problems with that than my pouch.


Was patted down in airport and then taken to a side room where two women made me expose my stoma.  My artificial joints show up on the x-ray, which is ok to pat down.  Why other body parts are necessary is beyond me, but perhaps they are.  I started out saying it was an ileostomy but the first woman didn't know that word, nor 'bag', nor additional more graphic explanation.  Why I then tried to explain a K pouch is beyond me.  After another ten minutes her super arrived.  Neither of the two women would listen to my explanation, especially that the soft feeling was because the pouch was full.  Another ten minutes of talk on their part, including "it's fine, it's fine..", but no acknowledgment that it was not fine with me.  If not needing to catch a flight--really, why else was I there at 05:30 with no spare time--I would have lodged a complaint as none of this was necessary, had either had decency to listen.  No time for toilet stop, nor coffee, prior to flight!!  Sure hope other K-pouchers don't experience this.  Greatly appreciate ability to share and others' compassion.  Janet

Hi Janet, 

I have had lots of pat downs, a couple of funny looks, a few pointed questions but the only 'uncomfortable' stuff have been the idiots pulling my kit apart, holding up high the tube, syringe etc to the world asking 'what the hell is this' and why I was carrying a 60cc syringe on me...(I have 3 kits on me at all times, usually 1 on my body like a fanny pack or cross body bag, in my backpack and one in my carry on).

I told the idiot that it was sterile, personal and if he touched it again I would shove the tube up his nose...he did not appreciate that...But couldn't say a he closed it all up and handed it back. (that was London Gatwick)

I have never been taken aside or asked to strip...I would call the police if they even tried it in North America. I carry a handicapped card which sort of helps.

I have refused for a specific person to frisk me (looked like a prison guard) or a particular type of person (angry and aggressive) and pointed to the 'good looking guy with the smile' and said that if I had to be frisked I wanted him to do it

That stopped everyone in their tracks!

I take it with a smile most times....the pains of travelling...

On the other hand, If I had been you, I would have asked for a cup and emptied into it in front of them!!!!!! or onto their desk!

Keep smiling 


Thanks Sharon.  Yes, the thought of insisting they watch me demo how to evacuate did cross my mind.  Had it not been so close to take off time I might have at least gotten their cards.  I always get patted down due to three artificial joints and occasionally asked to turn down my jeans a bit.  But never have I been asked to expose my stoma--not even when traveling with a leg bag and catheter taped to my body--and I felt violated, that they had crossed the line.  Never have I had people not listen to my explanation in lieu of them not knowing what a bag is.  Afterwards they blamed it on the folded over tissue!!  Mind you, I'm in my 70s and this was Madison Wisc!!

Yes I concur normally it's post 9/11 traveling, being out and about and trying to live normal lives.  No prob.

I am always prepared with remarks about the catheter being exposed, but have never needed to use them.  Up your nose buddy is a good one and will keep it in mind.  Please add, afterwards, that it had just been in the poop hole. Thanks as always, Janet

Could you print a medical diagram off the Internet when you travel?  When the friskers don't know what a stoma, ostomy bag, etc, is, you show them the picture. Some people need visuals! I had to do that when a healthcare person had no clue what a j pouch is; she kept thinking it was an ostomy bag just because I said "j pouch". Mind you, if the friskers looked right at your stoma and still were slow-thinkers, a diagram be beyond them.

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