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Hi all,

I had a colectomy in January. My surgeon is a really good surgeon. Thing is, because of covid I am not sure if I will be able to complete the rest of my jpouch surgeries with him. I want to complete my jpouch surgeries because my life is on hold right now. My local hospital isn’t scheduling surgery until covid restrictions are released.

I consulted another surgeon at a highly regarded academic institution in case I wanted another surgeon. He has quite a lot of experience creating pouches. I can also schedule the remainder of my surgeries as early as next month.

Has anyone switched surgeons during the process?

thank you

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Most people do 2 step surgeries where their step 1 and 2 are your 2 and 3, so not sure any answers you get will be that helpful or will necessarily be applicable. My opinion is step 1 of 3 isn't the big step, its steps 2 and 3, which is like anyone doing steps 1 and 2 choosing their first surgeon. As for switching surgeons between steps 1 and 2, it's not a big deal because step 1 of 2 and 2 of 3 is the totally key step. But if you do switch you will have most likely another 3 months with an ileostomy bag between steps 2 and 3. Which you will get rid of with step 3 aka takedown.

Bottom line, as long as you have confidence in the new surgeon, switch. Ask him or her how many 3 steps they have done, though.

BTW, I was a 2 step, same surgeon on both. And I am glad I had his office supporting me because I had myriad temporary ileostomy issues and a blockage between steps 1 and 2, which will be your 2 and 3. They shepherded me through those issues and actually gave me a written diet, exercise and lifestyle plan for both after step 1 and after step 2, including fiber intake, and anal sphincter exercise protocols. It was good to have that continuity.

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