Hi! I am 25 weeks pregnant with my first baby and had my colectomy and take down/ j-pouch surgeries about 11 years ago. Things have been relatively smooth over that time with bowel function. I did have 2 perianal fistulas and I was treated with Remicade until just recently (had to be stopped due to optic neuritis just before I got pregnant).

I would so appreciate any experience/advice on this! I have asked my OB and he just isn't sure what is going on or if it is pouch related. Overall, the pregnancy has been pretty smooth sailing. However in the last 2-3 weeks, I have had some cramping that comes on suddenly and really feels like it is my pouch (not uterus at all). The first time it happened, the pain became very severe and I went to the ER. All was fine with baby and the pain was totally unrelated to the timing of any contractions. It went away after about an hour of rest and I was discharged. Since then, the same cramping has happened 4-5 more times. It seems to come on more late at night or in the middle of the night when I am lying on my side. I have been able to manage it before it gets too bad by getting into a reclined sitting position with my knees bent. It usually goes away in about 20-30 mins. What I have noticed is that the baby always seems to be kicking down low when it happens. It's just weird that lying on my side makes it worse. Did anyone experience pouch pain or cramping as the baby got bigger or more active? I'm worried that it keeps happening. My surgeon did say my pelvis was really small. Could this just be my pouch getting kicked or squished?

Thank you in advance for any insight!!

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I had constant "butt cramps" during pregnancy; constant. Unpleasant, painful, disruptive. Sadly, the only thing that helped was the arrival of my son, who arrived six weeks early. I hope things are different for you; every pregnancy is different. If not, console yourself with the thought that it will soon be in the past once that baby is in your arms. Good luck! Smiler

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