I am also wondering whether anyone who has a j pouch has tried these methods? I’ve had a j pouch for a couple of years and I am slowly getting better and better. I started doing some of her protocols though I don’t really consider I’ve started the whole thing yet and I’m very surprised that I am actually feeling some unexpected improvements. I come from a family of the doctors of western medicine so this is always been my predominant paradigm . However western medicine has just seen me get sicker and sicker over the last 25 years. So I feel a little like I have nothing much to lose by attempting this new system and so far I am feeling better than I have in quite some time. If you have found her on the Internet and tried some of her protocols please share with me what you did and how it worked for you.

Her books her podcasts and her research seem to be very extensive so it’s taking me along time to read and listen to all of this information. I can’t admit to understanding all of it but I get the general jist.I also get the impression it mainly focuses on people who still have their intestinal tract and colon  and haven’t had surgery so I’m wondering for those of us who have a j pouch whether these methods are still useful?

There is definitely some interesting information about probiotics and also snippets about SIBO Which can be a big issue for people with a jpouch


Thanks in advance Anna

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I think that is where I learned about oil of oregano being good for inflammation.  It helps with pouchitis I believe.  I use it and I haven't needed antibiotics since. I also use Pepto-Bismol.  But I learned about Pepto on the jpouch group.

I've used Absorb Plus for years whenever I've needed to let my bowel rest or whenever I've needed additional nutrition in-between meals. Absorb Plus was especially beneficial pre-and post surgeries. 

Thanks Maddie18, I have started using the wild oregano oil too as I think I have had 25 years of steroids and antibiotic use for my UC. I have no doubt that my gut flora has been severely compromised. I'm not exactly sure with the protocols how I know when I have cleared the bad bacteria and replenished the good. I am definitely having some positive improvements such as more energy, less brain fog and generally feeling more well. I will keep going and reading her books because it is very interesting.


Thanks JFill 28 that is great to hear about your experience with absorb plus. I haven't used this product. I am not sure that I need it. I find it hard to know when I might have malabsobtion issues or not? I also think that it is difficult to work  out when you might need to begin these if you have a jpouch. For example she talks about being on specific diets when you have a certain number of bowel motions per day however people with jpouches have more bowel motions that people with colons. Does the higher motility of a jpouch automatically mean that we are not absorbing as much nutrition? 

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