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Anyone else having a difficult time finding large doses of loperamide online? Cvs, Walgreens and other drug store here in the US say they care 60, and 90 count in store but not online. I checked Amazon, Target, Walmart, and none have the large count containers available. I don’t want to spend the $12.99 on a 12 count box  if I’m taking 2 per day. But I’m also weary about actually going into a store with covid - I’d imagine CVS is not the best place with all the sick people Going in there. I’m also on Humira for another arthritis so I have to be more careful...

I did find a 120 count on Bjs that I ordered but was sent a noticed after the fact saying it was back ordered. I guess people are having a difficult time too! Anyone else having a tough time? 

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Most stores stopped carrying it in bulk once reports emerged that it was being abused by addicts in search of a high (which requires taking vast quantities of it). I've been told by Costco and Sam's pharmacists that unless it's reformulated so it can't be abused, they will not resume selling in bulk. In the words of one pharmacist, "No one really needs that much unless you have Crohn's." We're not a priority to anyone, our numbers are too small.

Once Covid-19 hit, the smaller packages also flew off shelves because people were concerned about possible GI symptoms. My GI's office ended up switching me to the generic version of Lomotil (diphenoxylate and atropine) because my insurer would no longer cover loperamide. Hope you're able to find a good alternative soon!

Never tried fiber pills- wouldn’t even know what kind or where to start. Are they regulated by FDA? I used to take a Lomotil until My doc switched me off bc it was considered an addictive substance - I didn’t even know that. I guess that could be an option. It’s sad since we have to use it! I’ll not be waiting until the last minute to get it next time (even though I didn’t this time- I have 3 weeks of supply left)!

Good news is that BJs sent me order out so I’ll have 120 pills. That’ll last me 2 months. Now I’m thinking I should have ordered 2 packs! 

Lomotil is a “Schedule V” drug, with extremely low abuse potential (the lowest of the controlled substances). You do have to show an ID to get it, and you do need a prescription, but it’s just not a big deal. Anyone who takes it in quantity to get high is even more foolish than someone who abuses loperamide, because In addition to the constipation the atropine would make them miserable. Most doctors are perfectly comfortable with it.

”Fiber pills” probably means psyllium capsules, or maybe something like Fibercon. I’ve had great luck with psyllium, and take it every day, but the capsules didn’t work as well for me as the powder.


Yea so doc didn’t want me to take Lomotil for some reason - preferred I transition back to immodium. 

I wonder does the since Imodium is a drug, it goes through the liver to be processed. Would fiber pills/psyllium be considered more natural since they aren’t “drugs?” and not processed through the liver? 

I’m wondering if it might make more sense overall to transition to that...

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It’s certainly true that psyllium works mechanically rather than biochemically, and thus tends to have very few side effects. OTOH it’s not a substitute for a bowel slower, if a bowel slower is needed. I think some of us probably use more Imodium/Lomotil than is ideal, though, so finding ways to reduce the need is a reasonable strategy.

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