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Has anyone suffered from hair loss since their jpouch surgery? I am 16 months out and have been on antibiotics chronically for the entire time and I know I had a lot more hair even after my initial surgeries than I do now and it concerns me. Could this be from the antibiotic usage or just a result of our altered nutritional absorption?
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I thought my hair loss was from the anesthetic they used in the surgeries. Looking back I realized IT probably had something to do with my out of control thyroid problems.

I think 16 months is too long for it to be from the surgeries too. Have you tried looking up the antibotics side effects on the internet yet?
It can be from a lot of factors...I would have a full pannel done including, as tough said, thyroid, and make sure that everything on the inside is balanced and healthy first...check everything from iron to make sure that your body is getting all of its needs fulfilled first...acorrding to biology, your hair, teeth, nails and skin are not essential organs and so, when things are out of wack they are the first to go (which is why they are great indicators of illness)...your body makes sure that the other organs are nourished first leaving the others to wither and fall out...
That said, yes, surgery, antibiotics, ostomies, pouches and your body's adaptation period are all going to throw its growth cycle out of wack...a simple recipe for improving growth is h&s shampoo for each washing and while washing massaging your scalp for 5 mins each time to increase the blood flow (responsible for nourishing the hair bulbs)...if you can, wash your hair with your head hanging into the tub (you standing outside of it) meaning with your head down...increases bloodflow even more...
After about 3 months you should see improvement...
If not, then it is time to see the dermato.
Thanks Sharon. I have had ongoing anemia forever s I know this has contribute. My thyroid is fine and I am going through menoppause according to recent bloodwork so I would bet the combination of these two items and the medications are doing me in. I will try your suggestions and may even resort to some rogaine to see if it helps.
hi jeane,

yes, i lost hair from my first surgery, but was VERY VERY sick going into it, and VERY sick for a while afterwards.

when you are sick, or having major surgery, or go through a big shock, your hair cycle reverses. that is to say, normally, 80% of your hair is in growth or "live" phase, whereas 20% is in shedding stage. In sickness/surgery, this process is reversed. So 80% is now shedding. this is almost always just a temporary response to the shock in your system. It is called telogen effluvium.

I literally had some bald spots and went wig-shopping. A year later, a lot of my hair grew back, although not as thick/strong. 2-3 years later, my hair became healthier and the texture returned to normal.

of course, bloodwork and other things should be checked. it took me a long time, but my hair finally did grow back. sometimes vitamins/supplements and hair-strengthening products might help, but time was the best thing in my case. hope the same for you Smiler

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