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You don't say if you are on meds, post op or still sick.
All that I can say is that all of those situations are stressors for your body and your system and whether we like it or not our bodys are programed to 'reserve our energy' for their essential functions such as organ maintenance, resperation, cerebral functions etc...So we often lose our hair, teeth, nails etc
This is cyclic...if you are post op then generally regrowth starts a couple of months later (4-6) but if you are on meds that are doing this to you then you either have to be off the meds or wait a while and take special care...
If it is definciency related then, if your doctor permits, you can take certain suppliment (zinc, collagene, a good multi-vit, a multi mineral, silicium...) to help your body to heal and rebuild.
I loved what my dermato told me to do when I looked like a blad egle...I used H&S and massaged my scalp at every washing for 5 minutes using the shampoo...regrowth was spectacular and very rapid...the H&S contains a zincoxide formula (not good if you have had breast cancer apparently)...and by massaging it into your scalp it helps penetration of the active ingredients and stimulates blood circulation to your scalp, nourishing your hair folicules...
That's it
I know how u feel. I lost quite a bit of hair since my last 3 surgeries over 2 years ago. It takes time to grow back. Try not to get stressed out over it. Stress also causes hair loss, but the anestethesia is the worst culprit. Eat gelatin for your hair & nails. Use a wide tooth comb too. Cut it short & it will look thicker. At least you r in good company!
I would rather not cut my hair. I have been trying to grow it back out for awhile now. I was blessed with thick hair so, so far it's ok. But I'm really worried about it and I know that makes it worse. I was losing my hair before the take down so I'm really hoping it's not what you said. That really scares me. My hair has been the one thing that I love on my body. I have my follow up in clev in October and hopefully they can give me answers. It just scares the crap out of me. Frowner

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