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Hi all!

I'm wondering what anyone who has had abdominal or pelvic surgery after a j-pouch has done in terms of incision... I am having my tubes removed next week (one is likely blocked and I don't need them anymore), and my surgeon seemed pretty torn as to whether she should try to do it laparoscopically or not. She thinks there is a high likelihood that if she tried to get in there with the cameras, I would have too much scar tissue for her to proceed, and she would end up having to cut me open with a c-section type incision as well. She doesn't want me to have to recover from both types of incisions if I don't have to, so she's recommending we not even try the laparoscopy. I had my colectomy and j-pouch surgeries done 16-17 years ago. Has anyone had a successful laparoscopy post-j-pouch? Grateful for any thoughts!


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I had a complicated laparoscopic surgery (partial nephrectomy) after J-pouch surgery. The urologist told me there were plenty of adhesions, but he took the time to get it done without an open incision. I don’t know if your procedure could turn out to be technically impossible, or simply more time consuming than the surgeon is willing to deal with.

I had a traditional total hystectomy a few years after my J pouch construction. It was a good thing my C/R surgeon was also  in attendance because takedown of adhesions  from the Jpouch surgery was very tricky and complicated. If you suspect a lot of adhesions or scar tissue like I had, I would think the prudent thing to do would be the open procedure.  Incidentally, I had my J pouch surgery 5 weeks after a C-section and was not compromised in any was by having the 2 abdominal/pelvic surgeries so close together. Good luck to you whatever you and your doctor decide is the best way to go.

Not exactly the info you are looking for but I had a very easy c-section about 18 months after my take down. My first surgery of the three part was in 2017 and it was done laparoscopic followed immediately by a full "traditional" cut open because of internal bleeding. My second was also the traditional cut because of my complications. I had my c-section in the spring of 2019 with problems healing up. Good luck whichever way you go!!

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